Family:Thomas Meadors and Keziah Moberly (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? abt 1760 Virginia or South Carolina
Alt Marriage[1]
bef 1819
Abt 1775
Abt 1779 United States
Feb 1826
Abt 1839
est 1790

Who Are the Children of Thomas and Keziah?

Of the various children listed for Thomas and Keziah, the only one who is documented as their child is Pleasant, based on Keiziah’s statement in September 1826 when she relinquished her dower rights in land sold by Thomas to Pleasant in 1816.

Several of Thomas and Keziah’s reported children are presumably based on the assumption that those who accompanied Thomas from North Carolina to Kentucky must be his children. These include John, Thomas, Isham, Isaiah, Dorcas, Sarah and Edward.

John’s relationship to Thomas and Keziah has been challenged by the statement of a grandson, who claimed that John was the son of Jason Meador and Sarah Ann Moberly, brother and sister of Thomas and Keziah.

Isham, Isaiah, Edward, Pleasant, Dorcas and Sarah are at least plausible when the 1790 and 1800 Census records for Thomas are considered – they “fit” into the appropriate age categories for persons who are members of Thomas’ household.

Although there is currently little documentation for Jason, he could have been a child of Thomas and Keziah who was already married before 1790. Better documentation would be helpful, however.

Other possible children who have at various times been listed for Thomas and Keziah include William and Middleton. They could be children who died young, but they need documentation. Where is this information coming from?

  1. Hill, George Anderson. Hill & Hill-Moberly connections of Fairfield County, South Carolina. (Ponca City, Oklahoma: Hill, c1961), p. 227, Secondary quality.

    Keziah Moberley, daughter of Edward Moberley, Sr. and Susannah DeRuel, married Thomas Meador.