Family:Nicholas Beal and Mary Harden (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? c. 1803 , Somerset, Pennsylvania

GREENVILLE TOWNSHIP Greenville township was formed in 1812. The petitioners for the forming of a new township set forth that they were citizens of Elk Lick township. It is not easy to understand this. Elk Lick was formed about 1785. While we have never seen any description of its boundaries, they might have included what is now Greenville township. But when Somerset county was formed, the summit of the Allegheny mountain was made its eastern boundary, and this certainly left the territory of Greenville a part of Bedford county. As stated elsewhere, in 1800, a certain part of Londonderry township, Bedford county, was annexed to Somerset county. As this made the summit of the Little Allegheny mountain the eastern boundary of the county, this of course brings Greenville in as a part of Somerset county. But of itself, it cannot well be seen how this would make it a part of Elk Lick township. The list of Londonderry or annexed taxables does not contain any names that we can identify with Greenville, but the Elk Lick list of 1786 does contain a few names that we can locate here. As the northern part of what is now Allegheny township was attached to Stony Creek township by an order of court, possibly Greenville may have been attached to Elk Lick in the same manner, as it was entirely isolated from what afterward became Southampton township. But of this we have no record. But all of the Elk Lick tax lists contain the early Greenville names, and it must have been a part of that township.

As first formed, the township included a considerable part of what is now Larimer township. The first settler in the township that the writer can learn of was Martin Weimer (the writerÕs great-grandfather), who about 1785 settled on a tract of land on a small branch of Pine run, that in 1890 was known as the Delos Thomas farm. For some reason or other Weimer left this place in a year or two. Peter Hutzel was his successor on this place, but no date is known. The earliest known settlers were the Garlitzes, Findleys, Hutzels, Warners, Beals, Deals, and a little later the Klingamans, Lints, Millers, Shultzes, and Hochstetlers.