Person:Daniel Beal (1)

Daniel Nicholas Beal
m. Est 1803
  1. John Nicholas Beal1804 -
  2. Daniel Nicholas Beal1805 - Abt 1877
  3. George Nicholas Beal1808 -
  4. Samuel Nicholas Beal1810 - 1870
  5. Catherine Beal1813 -
  6. Jesse Nicholas Beal1815 - 1850
  7. William Nicholas Beal1819 - 1871
  8. Solomon Nicholas Beal1820 - 1875
  9. Susan Beal1821 -
  10. Joseph Nicholas Beal1823 -
  11. Mary Beal1825 -
  12. Jacob Nicholas Beal1826 - 1902
  1. Catherine Beal1827 - 1911
  2. Mary L. Beal1829 - 1912
  3. Jonathan Alexander Beal1830 -
  4. Phillip Dennis Beal1832 -
  5. Rachel Beal1834 - 1906
  6. Jesse Lichty Beal1836 - 1922
  7. William Lichty Beal1839 - 1923
  8. Sarah Ann Beal1841 - 1935
  9. John Lichty Beal1847 - 1933
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Nicholas Beal
Gender Male
Birth? 1805 , Somerset, Pennsylvania
Marriage to Mary Elizabeth Lichty
Death? Abt Nov 1877 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Daniel can be found in the following census records:

1830 Greenville Twp., Somerset, PA Federal Census 1840 Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset, PA Federal Census 1850 Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset, PA Federal Census 1860 Saltlick Twp., Fayette, PA Federal Census

Occupation: Cooper

May 8, 1830 Deed Book Vol.12 pg 102, recorded 30 Aug 1830. Daniel N. Beal purchased 78 acres from Jacob River and Mary his wife. He paid $195.77. Greenville Twp.

July 14, 1837 Deed Book Vol.15 pg 317 Daniel N. Beal and Mary his wife of Preston Co., Virginia (now W. Virginia) sold 78 acres to John P. Engle of Somerset County, which land was sistuated on the Flaugherty River. He sold it for $405.00. Greenville Twp.

March 10, 1846 Deed Book Vol. 21 pg 419, recorded 14 July 1846. Daniel N. Beal and Mary his wife sold land to Nicholas and Solomon Beal. Turkeyfoot Twp. 104 acres for $600.00.

Jan 30 1869 Deed Book Vol. 41 pg 386 Daniel N. Beal and Mary his wife, Saltlick Twp., Fayette County, for $57.50 to Daniel G. Beal property in Greenville Twp. belonging to Nicholas Beal. 200 acres.

(family story-Daniel sold his property, etc after his wife's death & was planning to come to Iowa. He never arrived. He was traced as far as Chicago. Police/sheriff found no trace of him. He could have been carrying a large amount of money with him and possibly was murdered. (about 1880))

???Found a Mr. Beal in Old Chicago Cemetery New Survey Lot #319 (removed to Rosehill 4/26/1876)???

Daniel was a circuit rider in Pennsylvania. Daniel believed that the Lord would provide. He left his family to do his preaching....and figured the Lord would provide and his famiy would be all right. It didn't always work out that way. Daniel's son Jesse worked for the Dunkard Brethren and that's how he met his wife, Caroline Miller.

Dunkard Brethren is a type of Amish. They were revolting against the German Militarism. They usually had no buttons on their clothes and always wore a beard after they were married. They did use musical instruments in church, only a tuning fork. Many of the Dunkard Brethren were lay preachers. Daniel's name in Germany was Biehl. When they arrived in America they anglicized it to Beale. Later then, the "e" was dropped and then became the Beal that we are today.

From the Waterloo Courier (Waterloo, Iowa) November 28, 1877: Strange Disappearance: "From Mr. J. L. Beal we learn the particulars of the strange disappearance of his father, Daniel N. Beal, who left Pennsylvania and reached Chicago, the first of last month on his way to Waterloo. On the second of November Mr. Beal received a letter from his father stating that he had been robbed of his money and could not go any farther until he had some more. Mr. Beal at once telegraphed a money order to him addressing it to the Transit House, Union Stock Yards. On the following Tuesday, November 6th, notice was received that Mr. Beal had left the Transit House on the previous Saturday and no one knew of his whereabouts. Since that time nothing has been heard from him and his friends naturally feel very anxious to learn where he is. Mr. Beal was about 75 years of age and it is feared that the loss of his money might have affected his mind and thus lead to his disappearance."

From the Waterloo Courier (Waterloo, Iowa) December 5, 1877: "In the last issue of the Courier an item appeared relative to the sudden disappearance of Mr. Daniel Beal, Father of J. L. Beal, Esq., of this county, who was robbed and disappeared while stopping in Chicago on his way to this city. Since that time, Mr. Beal has received a letter from the mayor of Chicago, to whom he applied for information, stating that the search had been instituted for the missing man, but no clue to his whereabouts could be obtained. Mayor Heath also enclosed a letter which was received at his office, from the proprieter of the Transit House, where it was supposed Mr. Beal had stopped. The letter stated that their register showed no such name as Daniel Beal, and that inquiry among the other hotels at the Union Stock Yards had failed to discover any trace of him. The mystery is thus rendered deeper than ever, and it is feared that the missing man has been foully dealt with".

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