Family:Mark Morrow and Pinkey Nix (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 8 Apr 1919
Abt 1921
22 May 1923 Alabama
5 Feb 1925
5 Sep 1929
10 Oct 1931
4 Sep 1937

- 1920 Etowah Co, AL: Marcus Morrow 22 AL, par AL; Pinkney 23 AL, par AL (Hoppers, p. 108, 1/6/1920) - 1930 Etowah Co, AL: NIX, Nola W., Head, R, yes,M, W,55,M,21, no,yes, Al,Al,Al, 82, yes, Farmer, Farm, V VVV ,yes, no, 120, line #1 Lela, Wife-H, X, F, W, 54, <20,no, yes,Georgia, GA,GA,78,yes.none, Morrow, Pinkie,Daughter, X,F,W, 35,D,24,no,yes,Al,Al,Ga,82,yes,none, Cochrame(?), Esther, Daughter, X,F,W,30, M,23,no,yes, Al,Al,GA,82, yes. none, NIX, John,Son,X,M,W,27,M,22,no,yes,Al,AL,GA,yes,Farm Helper,Farm,VIVV,W,yes,no,,line #5. Nix, Lilie, daughter-in-Law,X,F,W,23,M,18,no,yes,Al,AL,GA, 82,yes,none, (Hoppers, District 36, page 15 of 16, <>, family 139, )

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Oh dear, there's a wrong turn somewhere there. It's Pinkie Lee not Pickey. And Flavius isn't her husband. Rev. Mark Morrow was. Flavius was her son. Also, Bertha Faye, Lela May, Inez, Jenet, Betty, Thelma, Leon, & Lloyd. I think that's all of them though I'm not positive about the spelling of Jenet. I've got to dig more and make sure. Also, I don't have all of their birthdays and I'm tinking one of the girls is still alive. Aunt Inez died many years ago. I remember hiding out in Grandma's pantry and crying for most of the day before she found me. I remember she held me and told me she loved me. That was unusual for her since she wasn't a very affectionate person but she did show her feelings in other ways. She gave me a dress for my fifth birthday that I still had when I was 13. I just would not let my mother throw it away. I lost it during a move from St. Petersburg back to Alabama some time later. uh, ggg grandfather I think. Pinkie was my grandmother, then her father was William Nolie Nix and his father John Henry Nix... then Tyre was his father? Yes, 3 g's. Nancy Lela Bishop is the name I was told so long ago for Grandmother's mother's name. Lela Nancy's mother's name was Jane King, her husband (grandma's father) Abner Bishop. That's as far back as I have. Grandma and Grandpa are buried here in Stapleton behind that little church that I am to excited to recall the name of at this moment. I'm going to go there and write down the names and inscriptions on the gravestones and take pictures of them for the other people looking for the same info. Trying to recall dates made me realize just how much detail info I'm missing. I'll have to go back to my aunt's house and scan the family Bible she has there. It's falling apart at the spine but the writing is still legible. I forgot the questions I'd intended to ask so I'll just go for now and when I remember them, I'll write them down. Thanks heaps for your answer and info! You're the greatest! Take care , Sincerely, Susan.