Family:Joseph Reese and Nancy Johnson (4)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][6] 25 Jul 1807 probably Clark, Indiana, United States
5 Jul 1808
Bef 1849
19 Oct 1873
22 Aug 1813
23 Mar 1815
28 Jan 1847
11 Oct 1855
28 Mar 1891
6 Dec 1885
  1. Family Bible of Joseph and Nancy Reese, in Johnson, Bess Sellers; Daughters of the American Revolution. Alexander Hamilton Chapter (Indiana); and Vera Reese Tranter. Family bible records of Johnson County, Indiana: a collection of family records compiled from family bibles and other sources. (Ft. Wayne, Indiana: Allen County Public Library, 1986), Vol. I, p. 146.

    Marriages - Joseph Reese and Nancy Reese, July 25, 1807

  2. Clarence Lott, 27 July 2008, in Johnson Family emails.

    Nancy JOHNSON married Joseph REASE He was a German Baptist minister.

  3.   Genealogy, Reese Family I, in John Kennedy Graham Papers, Box 3, Folder 11.

    -Letter, Mrs. Sara Reese Eby, 11 January 1947
    quoting from records recorded in family Bible by her father Alex W. Reese [nephew of Joseph Reese]:
    Joseph Reese, Born March 31, 1785, Died Nov 19, 1847 – married Nancy Johnson who was born Aug. 1791 [sic] – died Oct 27, 1839. Eight children”

  4.   Franklin, Charles M. Scott County, Kentucky Marriage Records, 1793-1850. (Indianapolis [Indiana] : Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe, , c1985).

    Does not include Joseph Reese or Nancy Johnson.

  5.   Riker, Dorothy. "Clark County Marriage Records, 1807-1815", Indiana Magazine of History; Indiana Historical Society F521.I52, in Riker, Dorothy (Dorothy Lois). Genealogy, Clark County marriage records, 1807-1815. (19--), Vol XLI, No. 1, March 1945. pp. 95-103.

    1st dates of marriage records are for 1807, although two earlier records, both 1802, are found in Clark County Deeds 1:279, 320
    The first pages of the marriage records are badly torn; some names are missing and other are almost illegible. For the 1st seven entries, only the brides names remain. [None = Johnson] These begin 14 March 1807

  6. There is no direct documentary evidence for the marriage of Joseph Reese and Nancy Johnson.
    The Family Bible gives a date, but does not give a place, nor does it include Nancy's family name. However, both Johnson family descendants and Reese family descendants independantly agree on the marriage of Joseph Reese and Nancy Johnson. As well, the first grandchild born after Nancy's death had the given names of "Nancy Johnson".

    Determining the place of marriage is more difficult. Both the Reese and Johnson families came from Scott County, Kentucky to Clark County, Indiana about 1807, probably early in the year. There are no early marriage records for Scott County, Kentucky due to a courthouse fire [Scott County, Kentucky Marriage Records, 1793-1850] and Baptist Church records do not normally include marriages. Marriage records for Clark County, Indiana began before Joseph and Nancy were married [Riker, Dorothy. "Clark County Marriage Records, 1807-1815"], but Joseph and Nancy are not listed, which would suggest that the marriage occurred in Scott County, Kentucky. However, other evidence suggests that both families were probably in Indiana Territory at the time of the marriage. (See, for example, John Reese, Margaret Johnson) The likelihood, then, is that the marriage occurred in Indiana. It could have been performed by either Joseph's father or Nancy's brother Charles, both founding members, along with Joseph and Nancy, of the Fourteen Mile Creek/New Washington Baptist Church.