Family:John Pickens and Eleanor Kerr (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1738 Pennsylvania
22 Sep 1795 South Carolina
11 February 1828 Anderson, South Carolina
06 Jan 1753 Virginia

Family Data:


John Pickens Sr.

Born Abt. 1710 in Ireland Died Abt. 1769-1773 in South Carolina

    John Pickens, the fifth son of William and Margaret Pickens, was born about 1710 in Ireland. He moved with his parents to Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1719, where he united with the Bensalem Presbyterian Church by certificate. In 1737 he married Eleanor Kerr.  Records show he signed a road petition in Paxton Township, Pennsylvania in 1735.
    At a court in Orange County, Virginia, on Thursday, July 24, 1740, John Pickens made an oath that he imported himself, Margaret Pickens, "ye elder" (most likely his mother), Eleanor, Margaret "ye younger", Gabriel Pickens and William Baskin from Ireland to Philadelphia and from thence to this colony at his own expense and that this is the first time of proving his and their right to obtain land. (Under Virginia law at that time, a man was allowed certain additional acres of land for each person he had transported into the colony at his own expense.) He was granted land in what is now Augusta County, Virginia on February 27, 1740. Other records show he made a court declaration on July 24, 1740. In 1742, he was appointed a Captain in the militia. He owned a mill in 1744 and was appointed a Justice in 1745. There are many references to John in Augusta County, Virginia from 1745 to 1754. His children were baptized by the Reverend John Craig from 1741 to 1749.
    In October, 1746, John Pickens, William Baskin, James Leslie, and 30 others signed the following petition to the Governor and Council of South Carolina:

(The following is from the Journal of the South Carolina Council, October 10, 1746.)

"His Excellency laid before the Board the following petition he had received from sundry inhabitants of the back parts of Virginia, humbly showing that the petitioners have had a great expectation to hear by John Turk that the lands, granted at Ninety six, was purchased as Thomas Turk has informed them; that the Council did promise them that such a purchase should be obtained last March. That the petitioners trusting to his word have fully resolved to remove their families but as no certain account had been brought them of the purchase having been made, the same put a stop to their moving. Wherefore, if the Governor will soon make a real purchase of that land laid a part for them and then communicate the same to Thomas Turk, so that they may be informed of the truth thereof, if they can with safety then they will remove and come there. That the petitioners are informed that there are many loose persons who bear a bad character in some of those back parts and hope the Council will give them no manner of encouragement by letting them settle on any of that land, and pray that the Government would not grant away the best of that land, until they have time to hear of the purchase, and then to come and have their lot amongst us, they rely on the Clemency of the government in granting their request.

Signed: John Pickens, William Baskins, James Leslie and above 30 others."

On October 9, 1754, John and Elenor sold their land and by November 21, 1754 had left the county. The 1758 Augusta County records list John as "Gone".

Scotch-Irish in Virginia, Augusta County Court Minutes:

MARCH 10, 1745/6.

 (19) Ordinary Rates Regulated.
 (20) Mark Evans, William Kervine, John McFarron, James McGomerie appd. 

Overseers of Road Blazed by Orange Co. from inhabitants of Roanoke to top Blue Ridge at bounds of Brunswick Co. and Cap. Robinson and John Mills are to lay off precincts and tithables.

 (20) James Patton, John Lewis, John Pickens, Recd. Sheriff.

Page 15

1745 Edward Herndon vs. John Pickens.--"Major" John Pickens's note. Dated 27th July, 1744. George Taylor, witness.

AUGUST, 1747 (B). John Pickens vs. John Graham.--In June, 1747, and several years before, John Pickens was a trader and cattle dealer. Slander. Defendant said plaintiff ran away from Paxton Township, Pennsylvania (where plaintiff formerly lived), for debt.

1751 Loden vs. John Pickens.--May Court, 1750. Sheriff having returned, John not found

Elizabeth and Catherine KING who, in Augusta Co, VA, 1751, chose John PICKENS as their guardian

1752 Page 199.--John Pickens and Ellinor, to Anthony Strother, of King George, from Beverley, 27th February, 1740; Robert Poag's, now Gordon's; corner on Lewis Creek; corner land sold by Jno. Pickens to Wm. Baskins, 552 acres, part of 764 acres, conveyed by Beverley to John, 27th February, 1740. Teste: Danl. Richeson, Thos. and Andrew Lewis, Robert Bratton.

JUNE, 1752. Fulton vs. Pickens.--John Pickens, of Augusta County, obligor to James Fulton. Dated 1746.

MARCH 18, 1753.

 (453) Duncan McFarland and his son, William.
 (453) Ephraim Vance, qualified Capn. of Horse.
 (454) John Pickens vs. James Price } Dedimus to Anson Co. No. Co. to 

take deposition of Henry Jones.

MARCH, 1754 (A).

  John Smith vs. John Pickens.--Motion, To judgment obtained in Orange County, 1743. 

MAY, 1755 (C). Andrew Lewis vs. John Pickens.--John Pickens had removed himself out of the County, 1754, 21st November.

AUGUST, 1758 Breckinridge vs. John Pickins.--John Pickens was gone January, 1758

MAY, 1758. Robert Breckinridge vs. John Pickens.--Attachment 18th January, 1758. John has removed