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Marriage? 1712 Virginia
28 Jan 1779

Genealogy Report for John Key and Martha Tandy:

Descendants of John Key

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN8 KEY (MARTIN7, JOHN6, JOHN5, ANDREW4, MATTHEW3, NICHOLAS2, WILLIAM1) was born Dec 1682 in Virginia, and died 05 Jul 1767 in Albemarle County, Virginia. He married MARTHA TANDY Abt. 1712 in Virginia, daughter of HENRY TANDY and PRISCILLA COLBY. She was born 1688 in Essex County, Virginia, and died Abt. 1742 in Albemarle County, Virginia.

Notes for JOHN KEY: Family of John Key mentioned in "The History of Albemarle County, Virginia" on pgs. 245-246

From World Family Tree, Cd#11, Tree #1682:

JOHN* (2) KEY (1682 - 1767).

          JOHN* (2) KEY was born in Philadelphia in Dec. 1682 and died in Virginia on Jul. 5, 1767.  He was married to MARTHA TANDY.  His father, John (1) Key came from England with William Penn.



         JOHN (2) KEY was one of the pioneers who fixed their abodes within the present limits of Albemarle County, Virginia.  He made his first entry of land in 1732 and up to 1741 had obtained patents for nearly twelve thousand acres of land.



         JOHN (2) KEY son of JOHN (1) KEY was born in Philadelphia in 1682 and was the first white child born in PENN'S COLONY.  This fact is mentioned in many histories, a particular reference being Pennsylvania Magazine Volume IV, Page 175.  JOHN (2) KEY moved to Virginia where he took up land as early as 1727. In the ensuing years he took up many patents and finally possessed many thousand acres of land.  He married probably as early as 1710 as his son JOHN KEY, Sr. was born in 1717, and he had other children.  JOHN (2) KEY married MARTHA TANDY as is proven by land transactions in Virginia.
         JOHN (2) KEY had begun to patent land in 1727 in Spottsylvania where he first settled.  Five court records in Spottsylvania show that he lived there.
         1727 February 8, he is mentioned in a record "where JOHN (2) KEY now lives in Spottsylvania Co., Etc."
         1728 land patented to JOHN (2) KEY
         1729 April 1, JOHN (2) KEY witness to a sale of land.
         1731 July 1, JOHN (2) KEY of St. George's Parish sold land to Henry Lewis.  MARTHA KEY, wife of JOHN (2) KEY, relinquished dower in said land.
         1731 October 5, JOHN (2) KEY was appointed guardian of James Lee, orphan of John Lee.
         From this date, 1731, JOHN (2) KEY disappears from Spottsylvania County records and appears in Albemarle Co., Va. where his first land was bought in 1732.
         He continued to buy property in Albemarle Co., Va. until his family owned "all the land between the Southwest Mountain and the river from Edgemont to the bend below the Free Bridge."
         It is possible that his wife's name was MARTHA TANDY as from this period the name Tandy frequently recurs and there was a prominant family by the name Tandy in the same section of Virginia at that period.  Further research may prove the correctness of this surmise.
         JOHN (2) KEY and MARTHA TANDY KEY had children, among them MARTIN KEY, SR., JOHN KEY, SR., and MARY KEY, who married a DALTON, and possibly others.


Source: KAAF Pg. 318.

         GOOCHLAND COUNTY, VA. - - - Deed 1738 John (2) Key on West side of Little Mtn. to Daniel Dessons.   Deed 1742, John (2) Key to his daughter, Mary Dalton, wife of Robert Dalton, land near Little Mtn. (Note that this John (2) Key was the father of Martin Key, Sr., of Albemarle Co. Va.).    Deed 1790, John Key and Nancy his wife, of Albemarle Co., conveyed land to Hezekiah Puryear, land on Tuckahoe Creek, Goochland Co. Wit. Joshua and Walter Key.
         Marriage Bond, 1776 of John Key & Nancy Ford, age 17, Joshua Key the father of John Key.
         Deeds of Henry Key in Chatham County, Va., from 1783 to 1795.


Source: Typed document - Title THE KEYS OF ALBEMARLE. Ref: James Leonard Owens, Oakman, Al. records.

         John Key and his brother, Martin, were taken to court over their land by Ambrose Lipscomb and his family on Mar. 29. 1705.  They were orphans, who's guardian was William Ford.  The land, in King William County, was described as between branches of Cohoke Swamp and the Main Road, a little below the Court House, etc.  On April 29, 1706, the General Court found in favor of John and Martin Key.  The land, upon survey, was found to contain 470 acres.  Martha Tandy is said to be the daughter of Nappa Tandy and the sister of Roger Tandy.  In C&P Book #14, page 401, an entry shows Roger Tandy to be a neighbor of John Key on the east side of Douglas Run.  On Sep. 28, 1728, John Key acquired 350 acres of land described as in Spottslyvania County (This county was formed from King William County in 1721), in St. George's Parish, beginning at Col. John Waller's on east side of a branch of Douglas' Run, to James Taylor's land.  Edmund Waller, grandson of Mary Key Waller, acquired 1000 acres the same day on Honeys Swamp (Ed. note: swamp, creek, stream interchangeable in this time period).  On April 11, 1732, John Key, of Spottsylvania County, acquired 400 acres in Hanover County (abutted Goochland County in 1732 with the county line right at John Key's property) described as between the 1st and 2nd ledges of mountains, crossing a small branch of the James River.  On Feb. 9, 1727, John Waller of St. George's Parish, Spt. Co., sold 1000 acres described as where John Key now lives, etc.  On July 7, 1731, John Key of St. George's Parish, sold 350 acres in St. George's Parish granted to Key by patent September 28, 1728.  Martha, wife of John Key, acknowledges her dower.  This is the last mention of John or Martha in Spottslyvania County.

Kenneth N. Key JOHN2KEY.FTW Jan. 25, 1996

Key Marriages:


•Oct. 14, 1782; George Key & Mary Senter; Zachariah Davis, Surety; Married by William Johnson, Oct. 14, 1782. •Nov. 26, 1783; Josiah Turner, Henry Co. & Milley Key; George Key, Surety; Married by William Johnson, Nov. 30, 1783. •Mar. 9, 1784; James French & Barberry Key; Married by William Johnson. •Aug. 22, 1785; George Key & Suckey Craghead, dt John; Robert Cowan, Surety. •Nov. 14, 1785; George Key & Izbell Kennedy, dt William; John Kasey, Surety; Married by James Mitchell, Dec. 29, 1785. •Dec. 7, 1789; Elijah Mitchell & Judith Key; John Key, Surety. •Dec. 21, 1789; Thomas Burgess & Winney Caudle Key; John Key, Surety; Married by John Ayres, Dec. 24, 1789. •Aug. 27, 1804; Thomas Key & Docia Preston; Stephen Preston, Surety; Married by John Ayers, Aug. 30, 1804. •Nov. 24, 1814; Uriah Key & Nancy Turner, dt John; Frances Turner, Surety. •Nov. 27, 1820; John Keys & Pelina Overstreet; John Overstreet, Surety. •Oct. 28, 1822; Tilman Key & Sally Lockett; Jere. Lockett, Surety; Married by William Harris, Oct. 30, 1822. •Oct. 2, 1824; James B. Clagg & Martha D. Keys, dt Thomas; Tilman Keys, Surety; Married by William Harris, Oct. 13, 1824. •May 30, 1825; James G. Turner & Elizabeth P. Key, dt Doshia; Stephen Preston, Jr., Surety; Married by Matthew Jackson, June 14, 1825. |Mar. 6, 1826; Milton Lowry & Mildred P. Key, dt Martin; Ro. C. Mitchell, Surety. •Jan. 22, 1827; Stanfield Keys & Frances G. Jones; William Bococock, Surety; Married by William Harris, Jan. 30, 1827. •Aug. 15, 1836; William Nelms & Malinda Key; Nelson J. Key, Surety. •Sep. 17, 1838; Thomas W. B. Key & Eliza J. Early; Wilson Matthews, Surety. •Mar. 19, 1849; Charles H. Key & Mildred F. Falls, dt Benjamin; Thomas M. Falls, Surety; Married by F. M. Barker, March 19, 1849. •Nov. 19, 1849; Charles Edward Beard & Ann Elizabeth Key, dt John; John Key, Surety; Married by William Harris, Nov. 21, 1849. •Dec. 8, 1851; James A. Boyle & Elnora G. Key; Henry M. Keys, Surety

Children of JOHN KEY and MARTHA TANDY are:

  • i. JOHN9 KEY, JR., b. Abt. 1715, Albemarle County, Virginia; d. 1780, Albemarle County, Virginia; m. (1) SUSANNAH WITT, 1729; b. Bef. 1720; d. Bef. 1813; m. (2) WALLER, WFT Est. 1732-1763; b. WFT Est. 1711-1730; d. WFT Est. 1732-1805; m. (3) AGNES WITT, 27 Dec 1750; b. 1714, Manakin, Albemarle County, VA; d. Aft. 1788.

Notes for JOHN KEY, JR.: Warning! Several inconsistencies between sources on Key family !

Birthdates of children need further research, also placement with wive(s) is uncertain. Many children appear too young to have been children of this John Key.

  • ii. MARTIN KEY, b. 1715, Spotsylvania, Virginia; d. 14 Apr 1791, Albemarle County, Virginia; m. (1) MARY RUTHERFORD BIBB, WFT Est. 1732-1765; b. WFT Est. 1711-1731; d. WFT Est. 1732-1805; m. (2) ANN DABNEY, WFT Est. 1732-1765; b. WFT Est. 1711-1731; d. WFT Est. 1732-1805; m. (3) NANCY ANN BIBB, Bef. 1750; b. Abt. 1725; d. Aft. 1792, Albemarle County, Virginia.
  • iii. MARY KEY, b. Abt. 1720, St. George Parish, King William County, Virginia; d. 28 Jan 1779; m. ROBERT DALTON, WFT Est. 1734-1763, Goochland, Virginia; b. WFT Est. 1703-1723; d. WFT Est. 1735-1794.
  • iv. HENRY KEY, b. 1730, Albemarle County, Virginia; d. Aug 1776, Edgefield, South Carolina; m. MARY CLARKE, 1754, Amherst County, Virginia; b. Abt. 1730, Albemarle County, Virginia; d. Aug 1776, Edgefield, South Carolina.
  • v. GEORGE KEY, b. 1733, Albemarle County, Virginia; d. 1799, Henry County, Virginia; m. (1) NANCY EDWARDS, WFT Est. 1750-1781; b. WFT Est. 1729-1748; d. Bef. 1782; m. (2) MARY? SENTER, 14 Oct 1782, Bedford County, Virginia; b. Bef. 1765, Prob. Virginia; d. Bef. 1785, prob. Bedford County, Virginia; m. (3) ISABELLA KENNEDY, 14 Nov 1785, Bedford County, Virginia; b. WFT Est. 1731-1767; d. WFT Est. 1788-1827.