Family:Isaac Hogelin and Emmaline McLuen (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 30 Nov 1885 Guthrie, Iowa, United States
17 Jul 1901

Samuel Lucius Hogelin

Samuel Lucius Hogelin was born in Mercer County, Ohio, May 2, 1834. He went to Wisconsin in 1846 and to Indiana in 1849. He began work at his trade in 1850 and continued at the blacksmith trade all of his life. He came to Panora in 1853. At once he opened up a blacksmith shop and for over 50 years worked at the trade. He did work for the Western Stag Lines and also the story is told of how he shod Jesse James’ horses. One day five men rode up and wanted their horses shod. Hogelin agreed and one man stood at the front door of the shop and another at the back door. The other men went across the street for provisions. The James gang was encamped near Dale City at that time. When the work was finished, they paid for it and rode off. It was a week or more, news traveled slowly in those days, that the news came of the train robbery at Adair. In the spring of 1855, the Pentz family came to Panora and in the fall of that year their daughter, Martha, was married to S. L. Hogelin. They were married by Squire John J. Owen on December 13, 1855. The vows were spoken across the street from the spot where they later built their home in which they lived most of their lives. With the exception of a year spent in Norfolk, Nebraska, all their lives were spent in Panora. Their home was just west of the Methodist church. They lived there as long as they were able to care for themselves Their latter days were spent with their son, Isaac, in Guthrie Center.. . . .Lucius and Martha had eight children but only four grew to adults. One daughter, Minnie, died as a young woman. Alfred Emerson was born April 25, 1858. He went to Colorado as a young man and married and raised a family there Isaac Everett was born September 27, 1861. He married Emma McLuen and lived in Guthrie Center the rest of his life with the exception of a year I Nebraska when his folks were there. Mary Lavina was born February 27, 1866. She married John Royer…..Isaac and Emma Hogelin were parents of three sons and a daughter. Chalmers born June 29, 1888; Burl George born June 5, 1890; Alma Marguerite born August 10, 1893; and Lucian born July 17, 1901. Grandpa tells of how the ground where the high school now stands was grown to brush and wild plum trees. It was full of wolves and the townfolk couldn’t keep chickens or livestock. In the fall the men all took their wagons and went to Tuttles Grove in the northwest part of the county and shot deer for their winter’s meat….S. L. and Martha celebrated their 60th anniversary in 1915. They lived several years after that. S. L. Hogelin passed away in 1919 at the age of 85 years Marha passed away July 1, 1929, at the age of 89 years They are buried in the west cemetery at Panora. The name Hogelin was originally Hoagland.

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