Family:Giles Slocum and Joanne Cook (3)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1635 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
bef 2 Feb 1702
bef 29 Mar 1703
bef 7 Feb 1732/33
est 1657
25 Sep 1689
bef 30 Jul 1727

Giles Slocum and the Society of Friends

From A short history of the Slocums by Charles Elihu Slocum (p.27-28):

"The history of the Society of Friends in New England dates from the year 1656, and some points in this history are here sketched inasmuch as the Slocombes (Slocums) early became active members of the Society and the succeeding generations have continued their membership in some lines to the present time.

It is inferred that Giles(3) Slocombe (sketch No. 2) became a member early in the Society's history in Rhode Island. The records of the Friends' Monthly Meeting for Portsmouth, R. I., are preserved only from the date of Twelfth month loth, 1676, and these records show that "Giles Slocum, senior," was a member of committees in the business of the Society. In his will, dated October 10, 1681, he remembered his 'Louing friends the people of God called Quakers' with a bequest; see sketch No. 2. The old record of the births of Friends' children is still preserved near Newport. It begins with the names of two children born in the year 1638, three born in 1640, and three in 1642,— Johanna, daughter of this Giles Slocum. being one of the number born in the last named year."

  1.   Slocum, Charles Elihu. A short history of the Slocums, Slocumbs, and Slocombs of America, genealogical and biographical (1882): embracing eleven generations of the first-named family from 1637-1881, with their alliances and the descendants in the female lines as far as ascertained, also the etymology of those surnames, an account of some researches in England concerning their ancestors who bore the parent surname, Slocombe, etc. (Syracuse, New York: Slocum, 1882), p. 41.

    Maiden name of Giles Slocum's wife Joanne/Joan is not given.