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Facts and Events
Marriage? c1831
24 Jan 1895 Pine Grove, PA

Coming To USA From Scotland

David Pattison and Jane Stewart were first cousins. David Pattison gave a Declaration of Intent for naturalization 23 Sept 1834. This states he was born in Scotland.

Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Lawrence County Pennsylvania Biographical Publishing Company, Buffalo, N.Y., 1897 WILLIAM S. PATTISON [p. 318] one of the leading and most progressive citizens of Union township, and a carpenter who is much in demand throughout the surrounding country, was born in a house which was situated within a few rods of his present elegant residence, Dec. 10, 1834. He is a son of David and Jane (Stewart) Pattison.

David Pattison was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and there learned the trade of a cotton-spinner. While still a resident of bonny Scotland he became engaged to be married to Jane Stewart, who was born in Paisley, Scotland, but with a wise determination to be sure of the future, he immigrated to America to provide a home for his intended wife. He bought fifty acres of land, which was then new and uncultivated, and located where his son, William S., now resides; he was much taken with the country and pleased with the prospect of a successful career which seemed to stretch out before him, and went to work with a will to clear the land for the intended crops and to erect a log-cabin for temporary shelter till his own resources and the accommodations of the new country warranted him in building a more pretentious structure. All the arrangements completed, it only needed the arrival of his future bride to complete his home, and crown him with happiness; she came when he announced that all was in readiness for her reception, and they were married and settled down to become industrious citizens of their adopted country. He finished clearing the land and worked some in building the canal. Later in life, when New Castle began to grow, he engaged in gardening, and followed it the greater part of his after life. He and his wife won the highest esteem of the citizens of the township, for they were exemplars of the best type of Scotch honesty and Scotch ruggedness of character. He lived to be eighty-four years old, and his wife attained the age of eighty-six years. Their children were: David C.; Mary, who married Robert Boggs; William S., the subject of this biography; Jeanette, who married Smith Fulkerson; Robert D., whose sketch appears elsewhere in this volume; Alexander S.; and two, who died in infancy.

1840 Mercer, Pennsylvania; Roll: 474; Page: 301,

  • Patterson, John 2100001/0111001
  • Davis, Robert 0010001/0211001
  • Stewart, William 000001/100101
  • Patterson, David 220001/110001
  • Davis, Archabald 2010001/020001

1850 Neshannock, Lawrence, Pennsylvania; Roll: M432_790; Page: 218; Image: 432, h/h 539/539 Pattisson, David 47 Scot farmer Jane 47 Scot David 18 PA Mary 16 PA William 14 PA Jane 13 PA Robert 13 PA Alexander 10 PA

1860 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA PO New Castle, 5 June 1860 Series M653 Roll 1127 p489 h/h 52/50 Patteson, David 50 Scot farmer Jane 50 Scot William 22 PA carpenter Ginett 20 PA Robert 18 PA farm laborer Alex 16 Shoe maker

Family Legend Says He Participated in the Underground Railroad

There are no documents currently found to substantiate this claim.

1870 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA PO Mt. Jackson, 29 June 1870, Series M593 Roll 1360 p314 h/h 274/274 Patterson, David 65 gardner SCOT Jane 66 SCOT William 36 PA carpenter Margaret S 36 PA Robert 28 farmer PA Maggie 25 PA Thomas 2 PA Della 5/12 PA Jan Boggs, Mary 34 PA James 10 PA Eliza 7 PA Maggie 5 PA William 8/12 PA Nov

History of Lawrence County Pennsylvania, 1770 - 1877, by S.W. and P.A. Durant

REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN. The Reformed Presbyterian Church of New Castle was organized in February, 1871, with forty-one members. The three original elders were David C. Pattison, Robert Speer and David Pattison. The first deacon was David McClelland. Among the prominent members were Alexander Stewart, Wm. S. Pattison, John Davis, John Mayne, William Boyd, John Elliott, R. D. Pattison, Mrs. E. J. Pattison, Mrs. Nellie Speer, Mrs. M. Kerr, Mrs. Nancy Davis, Mrs. Jane Pattison, Mrs. Maggie Pattison, Mrs. Matilda Davis, Mrs. Jane Stevenson, Mrs. Mary McClelland, Miss Maggie Love, Mrs. Mary R. Speer. The first pastor, Rev. S. J. Crowe, was called on the 18th of September, 1871, and ordained and installed on the 22d of May, 1872, and has continued to the present time to discharge the responsible duties of his position to the satisfaction and edification of his charge.

The first preacher of this denomination in this region was the Rev. James Blackwood, father of Dr. T. J. Blackwood, now a resident of New Castle. Mr. Blackwood served some ten or twelve congregations in Beaver and Mercer counties previous to the organization of Lawrence county, in 1849. He died in 1851. Rev. Thomas Hanney succeeded Rev. Mr. Blackwood, and continued until 1860-1, when he was succeeded by Rev. John Calvin Smith, who officiated for the New Castle society until the organization of the church in 1871. The New Castle and Slippery Rock churches constituted one charge until 1871.

A church was erected by the society in 1861, before the organization. Since 1872 the membership has largely increased. The present organization includes seven elders: David C. Pattison, Robert Speer, David Pattison, William Boyd, Dr. T. J. Blackwood, P. A. Mayne and Robert McKnight. Deacons: David McClelland, John M. English, Alexander Stewart, J. R. Dodds, William McKnight. The present membership is one hundred and forty-seven. The society supports three flourishing Sabbath-schools with thirty officers and teachers, and about three hundred scholars. During Rev. Mr. Crowe's pastorate there has been continuous and increasing interest manifested by the members in Christian work. This is emphatically the "poor man's" church, and literally the "poor have the Gospel preached to them." In addition to this charge the pastor also preaches, as opportunity offers, in the school-houses in the various parts of the county.

1880 Union, Lawrence, Pennsylvania; Roll: T9_1145; Family History Film: 1255145; Page: 314.4000; Enumeration District: 227; Image: 0059, h/h 339/380 Pattison, David 75 no occup Scot-Scot-Scot Jane 80 Scot-Scot-Scot

Image Gallery
  1.   Biography of David Pattison.

    Book of Biographies, Lawrence Co, PA, 1897, p318-321 (main sketch), 13-15, 28-29, 485-486
    (Family story states the Pattisons did not have the money for a picture in this "vanity book" but they did want a biographical sketch. I was given this book by my grandmother in 1965.)

  2.   David Pattison Declaration of Intent to Naturalize.

    List of Immigrants Who Applied for Naturalization Papers in District Courts of Allegheny Co, PA, 1798-1840, V1

  3.   Birth Record of David Pattison.

    Lanarkshire Scotland, Barony Parish Birth Records 1672-1807; Microfilm LDS #102.873; 1805, V4 p408 (Birth of David Pattison to David and Janet Stewart Pattison)

  4.   Birth Record of Jane Stewart.

    Paisley Scotland, Low Parish Birth Records 1788-1854; Microfilm LDS #102.075 (Birth of Jane Stewart to William and Mary Baldwin Stewart)