Family:Charles Butt and Mary Van Stone (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][3] 23 MAY 1877 Huron, Ontario, CanadaColborne Township
Census[4] 1894 Bay, Michigan
Census[5] 1900 Bay, Michigan, United States
21 SEP 1924
06 JUL 1887 Ontario, Canada

MARY VAN STONE married CHARLES BUTT SR., son of JOSEPH BUTT and ANN WINN, on 23 May 1877 at Colborne Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 19. They were the parents of seven surviving children, 4 girls and 3 boys.

She and CHARLES BUTT SR. appeared on the census of 1894 at Bay County, Michigan. The 1894 Michigan State Census also lists a Josephine, the same age as Joseph. This isn't supported by the definitive genealogy in the Ernest Butt inheritance record. Since that genealogy otherwise matches the census, the addition of Josephine in the census assumed to be an error.

She and CHARLES BUTT SR. emigrated from Canada to the US in 1890. Son Charles listed 1890 as the year he entered the US.S4 The Van Stone family had a history of Huntington's chorea (see The Van Stone Family Curse). Mary was choreic three years later, in 1893, at age 35. Mary's illness likely had an extremely negative effect on youngest daughter Caroline. This lead to family scandal as described in The Importance of Being Ernest. Charles did not come off as a sympathetic figure throughout this.

After ten years, Mary died of Huntington's Chorea in 1903 at Pontiac State Hospital, Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan.

All the same, in 1920 Charles was living with daughter Caroline and her husband. He was a Laborer in 1920 at Bay City, Bay County, Michigan. Charles died sometime after 1920. He isn't found in the 1930 census, so it was probably between 1920 and 1930.

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