Family:Berengar II of Neustria and Unknown (1)

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Other?  Speculative child?: Poppa (1) 
Other?  Speculative child?: Juhel de Rennes (1) 
  1.   Berengar, in Baldwin, Stewart, and Todd Farmerie. The Henry Project (King Henry II ): Ancestors of King Henry II.

    Poppa, m. Rollo of Normandy.
    The case that Bérenger was the father of Poppa, wife of Rollo of Normandy, is based on the statement of Dudo of St. Quentin (early eleventh century) that Rollo carried off and married Popa, daughter of princeps Bérenger [Dudo iii, 36 (pp.78-9)], along with the proposed identification of Dudo's Bérenger with the present Bérenger. The major weaknesses in the case are Dudo's unreliability (especially for the earlier period) and the uncertainty of the identification of Poppa's father Bérenger with this particular Bérenger. See more details on the page for Poppa.