Person:Rollo (1)

Rollo "the Ganger" Ragnvaldson, of Normandy
m. 867
  1. Rollo "the Ganger" Ragnvaldson, of NormandyBet 846 & 860 - Abt 931
  2. Brico de Normandie
  3. Gormeric _____
  4. Jarl Hrollager Rognvaldsson, of MaerAbt 860 - 895
  5. Thordis RognvaldssonAbt 862 -
  6. Ivar RognvaldssonAbt 864 - 870
  7. Thorer "the Silent" Rognvaldsson _____Abt 868 -
  • HRollo "the Ganger" Ragnvaldson, of NormandyBet 846 & 860 - Abt 931
  • WPoppa _____Abt 872 - 938
  1. Robert Corbeill, [Count of]Abt 895 -
  2. Guillaume Ier "Longue-Épée" de NormandieAbt 900 - 942
  3. Crispina _____
  4. Adèle de NormandieAbt 920 - Aft 969
m. 912
  1. Griselle _____
  • HRollo "the Ganger" Ragnvaldson, of NormandyBet 846 & 860 - Abt 931
  • WHilda NefioAbt 820 -
Facts and Events
Name Rollo "the Ganger" Ragnvaldson, of Normandy
Baptismal Name[1] Robert _____
Alt Name Rolf _____
Alt Name[6] Rollon _____
Alt Name[6] Robert Ier "le Riche" _____
Alt Name[6] Hrólfr _____
Gender Male
Birth[1] Bet 846 and 860 Mære, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
Marriage Bayeux, Calvados, Franceto Poppa _____
Other with Poppa _____
Other? 911 Acceded
Marriage 912 , , Franceto Gisselle Normandy, [Duchess of]
Baptism? baptised as 'Robert'
Death[1][6] Abt 931 Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
Burial? Rouen, Seine-Maritime, FranceNotre Dame
Other? House of Normandy
Reference Number[1] Q273773?
Title (nobility)[6] Jarl des Normands

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Rollo or Gaange Rolf (Norman: Rou; Old Norse: Hrólfr; ; 860 – 930 AD) was a Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy, a region of France. He is sometimes called the first Duke of Normandy. His son and grandson, William Longsword and Richard I, used the titles "count" (Latin comes or consul) and "prince" (princeps). His great-grandson Richard II was the first to officially use the title of Duke of Normandy. His Scandinavian name Rolf was extended to Gaange Rolf because he became too heavy as an adult for a horse to carry; therefore he had to walk ("gaa" in older Dano-Norwegian). Rollo emerged as the outstanding personality among the Norsemen who had secured a permanent foothold on Frankish soil in the valley of the lower Seine. Charles the Simple, the king of West Francia, ceded them lands between the mouth of the Seine and what is now Rouen in exchange for Rollo agreeing to end his brigandage, and provide the Franks with protection against future Viking raids.

Rollo is first recorded as the leader of these Viking settlers in a charter of 918, and he continued to reign over the region of Normandy until at least 928. He was succeeded by his son William Longsword in the Duchy of Normandy that he had founded. The offspring of Rollo and his followers became known as the Normans. After the Norman conquest of England and their conquest of southern Italy and Sicily over the following two centuries, their descendants came to rule Norman England (the House of Normandy), the Kingdom of Sicily (the Kings of Sicily) as well as the Principality of Antioch from the 10th to 12th century, leaving behind an enduring legacy in the histories of Europe and the Near East.

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    Rollon1 (mort entre 928 et 933) est le chef viking à l'origine du duché de Normandie. En 911, en contrepartie de l'arrêt de ses pillages, il reçoit du roi Charles le Simple un territoire autour de Rouen. Environ cent ans plus tard, cette concession deviendra le duché de Normandie. Il est assez difficile de fixer la trame de la vie de Rollon, car elle est également l'objet de récits légendaires.