Family:Benjamin Borden and Abigail Grover (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 22 SEP 1670 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Alt Marriage? 22 Sep 1670 Shrewsbury, Manmouth, New Jersey
12 May 1687
22 Sep 1765

Marriage Data

Marriage 1 Abigail GROVER b: 1653 in Gravesend, Long Island, New York Married: 22 Sep 1670 in Shrewsbury, Manmouth, New Jersey [From Stillwell, 1903 primary sources needed

Child List and Dispersion

The following is based on Stillwell, 1903; Stillwell created a compilation of data from original (primary) sources, but does not indicate the specific source used for any given piece of information. The data he quotes may or may not be reliable. A case in point is the spouse of Benjamin Borden, who Stillwell lists as "Susannah". This Benjamin Borden was involved in the settlement of the Shennandoah Valley, and is known from numerous historical records for Virginia; his wife is commonly identified as "Zuriah Winter", not Susannah. It seems likely that Stillwell confused Susannah Page (?), second wife of Benjamin Borden son of Richard, with Zuriah, wife of his son Benjamin. Stillwell provides personal commentaries about some of the data, and inserts information that is obviously hearsay; (for example, the comment about Richard Borden marrying Mary Worthley below); Thus, at least some of the information presented in his work comes from non-primary sources, and may be inaccurate---and you can't necessarily tell which is which. Thus these data require extensive vetting if they are to be relied upon.


Richard BordenJan. 9, 1672-July 9, 1744|1751Apr. 7, 1695, Mary Worthley (questionable)
Benjamin Borden Apr. 6, 1675-1743 Susannah Relocated to Virginia, where he established "Borden's Grant" now more or less Rockbridge County. Stillwell, 1903 has his DOD as 1728, and his wife's name as "Susannah", but his wife is generally accepted that he died about 1743, and his wife was "Zuriah Winter". its possible, that there's a missing generation here, and that The Benjamin who married Zuriah, is the son of the Benjamin who married Susannah.
James Borden Sept. 6, 1677-December, 1727Mary . lived in Freehold, N. J.
Rebecca Borden June 8, 1680
Safety Borden Sept. 6, 1682-November, 1757|1761 Martha, in Bordentown, N. J.;He is supposed to have married his first cousin, a daughter of Capt. Safety Grover , whose name is unknown.
Amey Borden Mar. 4, 1684married 1) William Maghee, 2) Daniel Herbert, 3) James Mott
Joseph Borden May 12, 1687-Sept. 22, 1765Susannah Grover, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Lawrence) Groverfounded Bordentown, NJ.
Jonathan Borden Apr. 14, 1690
David Borden Mar. 8, 1692
Samuel Borden Apr. 8, 1696
All Children by Abigail Grover.
"pipes" show alternative DOB's and DOD's
Primary source:Stillwell, 1903; Some unsourced data from the net; None of these Vita have been verified or validated.