Family:Andrew Baxter and Elizabeth Harris (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 8 Jan 1784
16 Dec 1787
8 May 1794
10 Sep 1846
abt 1800 Georgia
3 January 1865
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  1.   Pension application of Andrew Baxter W4635, in Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution Website.

    [Bible record
    Andrew Baxter was married to Elizabeth the 8th January 1784
    John Baxter was born March 2nd, 178-[last digit obliterated]
    James Baxter was born August 8th 17 [last two digits obliterated] and departed this life 21 January 1787
    Thomas W. Baxter was born December 16, 1787
    Andrew L. [could be S.] Baxter was born March 1st, 1790
    Cynthia Baxter was born the 13th of November 1792
    Mary Laird Baxter was born May 8th, 1794
    Elizabeth Thomson Baxter was born June 28th, 1796
    Eli Baxter was born the 17th of November 1799
    Richard Baxter was born the 22nd of September 1802 and departed this life 9th September 1807
    Elizabeth Harris was born July 30th, 1764]
    [facts in file: The widow, Elizabeth Baxter died May 4, 1844 in Carroll County, Ga. survived by the following children: Thomas W Baxter, Mary Springer, Eliza T. Baxter, Eli H. Baxter; that Thomas W. Baxter died after his mother's death leaving the following children: Andrew, Mary, Thomas, Sarah, John, Leroy, Edwin and Richard Baxter.; John Springer served as administrator of the estate of
    Elizabeth Baxter, widow of the veteran; Elizabeth Harris Baxter was the daughter of Major Thomas
    Harris of Mecklenburg County, NC; she was living in the home of William G. Springer in Carroll
    County, Ga. at the time of her death.]