Family:Adam Wilhoit and Catherine Broyles (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Abt. 1739 Prob. Virginia
Abt. 1815
Bef. 28 Mar 1805 Madison County, Virginia

Descendants of Adam Wilhoit

Generation No. 1

1. ADAM2 WILHOIT (JOHANN MICHAEL1 WILLHEIT) was born Abt. 1719 in Schwaigern, Germany. He married CATHERINE BROYLES Abt. 1739 in prob. Virginia, daughter of JOHANNES BROYLES and URSULA RUOP. She was born 1718 in prob. Germany.


Adam WILLHEIT, son of Johann Michael WILLHEIT and Anna Maria HENGSTELER , was born abt. 1719. He married Catherine BROYLES WFT Est 1734-1767. He died WFT Est 1750-1810. Catherine BROYLES was born 1718. She died WFT Est 1749-1812.

Children of Adam WILLHEIT and Catherine BROYLES are:

  • 1. George WILHOIT, b. 1742 See George WILHOIT & Elizabeth UTZ
  • 2. John WILHOIT, b. 1743 See John WILHOIT & Elizabeth BLANKENBAKER
  • 3. Mary Maria WILHOIT, b. 1746 See William CARPENTER & Mary Maria WILHOIT
  • 4. Elizabeth WILHOIT, b. WFT Est 1736-1759 See Michael GAAR & Elizabeth WILHOIT
  • 5. Michael WILHOIT, b. 1744 See Michael WILHOIT & Elizabeth CRISLER

Other Marriages for Catherine BROYLES: See John WAYLAND & Catherine BROYLES

Notes for Adam WILLHEIT: Name: Adam Willheit Born: abt. 1719 Died: WFT Est 1750-1810 Sources for Adam WILLHEIT: v80t1471.ftw, Date of Import: Aug 2, 2004

Notes for Catherine BROYLES: Name: Catherine Broyles Born: WFT Est 1712-1751 Born: 1718 Died: WFT Est 1746-1835 Died: WFT Est 1749-1812 Sources for Catherine BROYLES: v80t1471.ftw, Date of Import: Aug 2, 2004

Adam Wilhoit was born circa 1722 at Germany. He married Catherine Broyles, daughter of John Broyles and Ursula, circa 1739 at Orange Co, VA.1,2 Adam Wilhoit died in 1763 at Culpeper Co, Virginia.1,3

Last Edited=25 Jun 1999 Children of Adam Wilhoit and Catherine Broyles Mary Wilhoit b. c 1740, d. 1830 John Wilhoit b. 1745, d. 1815 Elizabeth Wilhoit b. c 1748 Michael Wilhoit+ b. 1749, d. b 28 Mar 1805 George Wilhoit b. 1752 Citations [S167] Germanna Record, Wilhoite. [S169] Broyles & Wilhoit, Wilhoit Family. [S170] Culpeper Co, Will Book.


John WAYLAND was born WFT Est 1705-1748. He married Catherine BROYLES WFT Est 1731-1784. He died WFT Est 1746-1828. Catherine BROYLES was born 1718. She died WFT Est 1749-1812.

Children of John WAYLAND and Catherine BROYLES are:

  • 1. Mary WAYLAND, b. WFT Est 1746-1774 See Joshua YAGER & Mary WAYLAND

Other Marriages for Catherine BROYLES: See Adam WILLHEIT & Catherine BROYLES

Notes for John WAYLAND: Name: John Wayland Born: WFT Est 1705-1748 Died: WFT Est 1746-1828 Sources for John WAYLAND: v80t1471.ftw, Date of Import: Aug 2, 2004

Notes for Catherine BROYLES: Name: Catherine Broyles Born: WFT Est 1712-1751 Born: 1718 Died: WFT Est 1746-1835 Died: WFT Est 1749-1812 Sources for Catherine BROYLES: v80t1471.ftw, Date of Import: Aug 2, 2004


  • i. GEORGE3 WILHOIT, b. 1742, prob. Virginia.
  • ii. JOHN WILHOIT, b. 1743, Culpeper County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1815; m. ELISABETHA BLANKENBAKER; b. 1753, Culpeper County, Virginia.


John WILHOIT, son of Adam WILLHEIT and Catherine BROYLES , was born 1743. He married Elizabeth BLANKENBAKER WFT Est 1765-1796 in Culpeper Co., Va. He died WFT Est 1794-1835. Elizabeth BLANKENBAKER, daughter of Michael BLANKENBAKER and Elizabeth Barbara GAAR , was born 1753 in Culpeper Co., Va. She died WFT Est 1795-1848.

Children of John WILHOIT and Elizabeth BLANKENBAKER are: 1. Lewis WILHOIT, b. December 26, 1768 See Lewis WILHOIT & Unknown HOLLENBECK OR Lewis WILHOIT & Rebecca NETHERTON 2. Mary WILHOIT, b. December 17, 1770 See Adam MILLER & Mary WILHOIT 3. Anna WILHOIT, b. March 05, 1773 4. Elijah WILHOIT, b. March 18, 1775 See Elijah WILHOIT & Nancy VAWTER 5. Simeon WILHOIT, b. November 08, 1777 See Simeon WILHOIT & Mary FINKS 6. Elliott WILHOIT, b. January 08, 1780 See Elliott WILHOIT & Julia Ann FINKS 7. Elizabeth WILHOIT, b. September 05, 1782 8. Rhoda WILHOIT, b. May 22, 1785 See William HARDIN & Rhoda WILHOIT 9. Julius WILHOIT, b. December 13, 1787 See Julius WILHOIT & Lucy YEWELL 10. Abraham WILHOIT, b. February 05, 1791 See Abraham WILHOIT & Martha MOSBY OR Abraham WILHOIT & Frances Powell MOSBY 11. Lucy WILHOIT, b. January 08, 1793 See Jonathan HARDIN & Lucy WILHOIT 12. Aaron WILHOIT, b. WFT Est 1765-1792 See Aaron WILHOIT & Mary YAGER

Notes for John WILHOIT: Name: John Wilhoit Born: 1743 Died: WFT Est 1794-1835 Sources for John WILHOIT: v80t1471.ftw, Date of Import: Aug 2, 2004

Notes for Elizabeth BLANKENBAKER: Name: Elizabeth Blankenbaker Born: 1753 Culpeper Co., Va Died: WFT Est 1795-1848 Sources for Elizabeth BLANKENBAKER: v80t1471.ftw, Date of Import: Aug 2, 2004

Re: Blankenbaker/Broyles, Wilhoit, Carpenter Posted by: Sam Broyles Date: October 17, 2000 at 19:57:39 In Reply to: Re: Blankenbaker/Broyles, Wilhoit, Carpenter by Donna Merrill of 110

JOHN WILHITE (24) [son of Adam Wilhite and wife Catherine Broyles (4)] Born in Culpeper Co., VA., his will was written December 3, 1814 and probated in Jefferson Co., Kentucky on Mar 3, 1815. He married (1) -- Smith, and 2]Elizabeth Blankenbaker (b. 1753, daughter of Elizabeth Barbara Gaar and Michael Blankenbaker), 1767 Culpeper Co., VA. She was the daughter of Michael Blankenbaker and wife Elizabeth Barbara Gaar. Michael Blankenbaker was the son of John Nicholas Blankenbaker of the 1717 colony. Issue - Smith 112. i. Aaron Wilhite Issue - Blankenbaker 113. ii. Lewis Wilhoit 114. iii. Mary Wilhoit iv. Anna Wilhoit. . .Mar 5, 1773 . .1)William Roebuck;2)Adam Schrader 115. v. Elijah Wilhoit 116. vi. Simeon Wilhoit 117. vii. Elliott Wilhoit 118. viii. Elizabeth Wilhoit 119. ix. Rhoda Wilhoit 120. x. Julius Wilhoit 121. xi. Abraham Wilhoit 122. xii. Lucy Wilhoit

If you respond with the name of the child of John and Elizabeth from which you descend, I will provide you with all the data I have.

  • iii. MICHAEL WILHOIT, b. 1744, prob. Virginia; d. Bef. 28 Mar 1805, Madison County, Virginia; m. ELIZABETH CRISLER; b. Abt. 1752.


Michael Wilhoit b. 1749, d. before 28 March 1805

Michael Wilhoit|b. 1749\nd. b 28 Mar 1805|p91.htm#i2726|Adam Wilhoit|b. c 1722\nd. 1763|p94.htm#i2808|Catherine Broyles|b. c 1722|p94.htm#i2809|Michael Wilhoit|b. 9 Sep 1685\nd. 1746|p95.htm#i2823|Mary M. Blankenbaker|b. 1690\nd. c 1755|p95.htm#i2824|John Broyles|d. b 26 Jul 1744|p95.htm#i2825|Ursula||p95.htm#i2826| Charts Ancestors of Sandra Barrett

    Michael Wilhoit married Elizabeth Crisler, daughter of Theobald Fawatt Crisler and Rosina Gaar, at Culpeper Co, VA.1 Michael Wilhoit was born in 1749.1 He died before 28 March 1805 at Madison Co, VA.2
    Michael Wilhoit is an approved ancestor for Daughters of the American Revolution.3

Last Edited=7 May 2007 Children of Michael Wilhoit and Elizabeth Crisler Frances Wilhoit Jeremiah Wilhoit b. c 1774, d. 4 Apr 1824 Anna Wilhoit b. Aug 1776, d. Aug 1861 Elizabeth Wilhoit b. 1779, d. 3 May 1832 Ezekiel Wilhoit b. c 1781, d. 1838 Nancy Wilhoit+ b. c 1786, d. b 1850 Caleb Wilhoit b. 1791, d. 1 Apr 1832 Adam Wilhoit b. 1794, d. 26 Aug 1846 Citations [S145] Garr, Genealogy. [S167] Germanna Record, Wilhoite. [S273] "Approved Ancestor List", Ancestor file.

  • iv. MARY "MARIA" WILHOIT, b. 1746, prob. Virginia; d. 1830.
  • v. ELIZABETH WILHOIT, b. Abt. 1748, prob. Virginia.