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Intermediate Source:Rootsweb
Original Source: Typewritten letter by Stephen Y. Gose September 8, 1914.


Person:David Gass (2)


What was the relationship between the Gose Family that settled in CastlesWoods before the Revolution, and Person:David Gass (2) who settled in the same area? What is the evidence for a Stephen Goss present in Castles Woods prior to the revolution?

A search of Source:Summers, 1913 yields only a single reference to David Gass (as David Glass). The only references to the surname "Gose" (including a Stephen Gose, Sr. and a Stephen Gose Jr.) date to the post revolutionary war period.

A search of Kegley and Kegley I, 1980, shows

Stophel (christophel=Christopher) p. 120 Surety on estate appraisal in 1789, estate of William Leitz (see below for marriage of Juda Ghost to Leonard Leatz
Stephen Goest (Gose?) p. 37 grant in 1799 of 247 acres

A search of Kegley II, 1982, shows a

Christopher Goose, p222-- (indexed under Gose), present in Montgomery County in 1782.
Elizabeth Gose p404, of Burkes Garden post 1800.
Jacob p233 (entry not found)
Juda (Judith) Ghost (Goss, Gose)p183 daughter of Stephen Gose, marrying Leonard Leets (Leatz), surety Christophel Gose (Presumably Christophel Gose=Christopher Gose of p. 222)
Stephen p 91, Feb 1783, land warrant for 367 acres on Cripple Creek Fincastle/Montgomery Counties
Stephen p181, gave surety for marriage of Henry Eller and Catherine Kettering, June 22 1787.
Stephen p183(See Juda Ghost)
Stophel Gose p. 183 (See Juda Ghost)

Several entries for a Samuel Glass appear to be for the Greenbriar area of Botetourt.


The writer hereof was born on the 11th day of October, 1826 and will be 88 years old on the 11th day of next October. My fathers name was Stephen Gose, so was his father’s name Stephen Gose. My name is Stephen Yancy Gose.

My grandfather in company with three brothers came to this country fro, Germany a little before or after the Revolutionary war. [1]My grandfather and two of the brothers finally settled in western Virginia, two of them including my father in Russell County, and one in either Taswell or Withe County. [his spellings]

My father married Dicey Jessee in Russell County Virginia where all of their children but one, Robert, were born. There were 8 of us, four boys and four girls. George W, Stephen Y., John J.. and Robert (who died when small), Matilda (who married John Hudson and after his death married Caleb Osborn), Francis (who married Henry Clements), Elizabeth (who married William A. Brown), Martha (who married William H. Williamson). These children all married and raised families except Robert (who died when small). All my brothers and sisters are now departed, and all joined church before death( except my little brother Robert).

My father had one brother, George, who had four boys and several girls. John, Aaron, George Cowan and Charles. All raised families. John moved to Pike County Illinois about 75 years ago. He is now dead but had a family some being boys. Some of this family still live in Pike County Illinois. Uncle George’s other boys lived in Russell County Virginia. All may be dead. I have seen all of them in Virginia in 1847-48. I shall not say as to his girls, there were several.

My father had several cousins who went to Missouri about 75 years ago from Virginia. One,William stopped in Indiana, Boone County wher we lived for a while, later he went to Sullivan County Missouri. Others were scattered. William had sons some of whom I knew; Stephen, John Martin, and Christopher. Stephen and Christopher went ot Texas about 4 years ago. John Martin went to Walla Walla, Wash. Ihave had letters from one C. C. Gose a lawyer in Walla Walla, who informed me that his fatherJohn Martin remembered me very well. All these in Washington are prosperous. C. C. and brother are successful lawyers.

My fathers other cousins who went to Missouri were Stuffley and John. I have heard of other persons of our name and I feel sure they can be traced to the four brothers who came from Germany. I have heard when a boy that grandfather had a brother named Phillip who settled in Kentucky from whom sme kindred have come. Have heard of a Gose who lived in Green Castle Ind.

There is a John T. Gose at Shelbina, Mo., a lawyer, descended from a family originally from Wythe County also his uncle George Gose now living at LaPlata Mo.

Signed [ Stephen Yancy Gose ]

Further data

Per the intermediate source of the letter. Some confusions to be sorted through.

The letter (perhaps dictated) by Stephen Y. Gose thus only actually names his grandfather, (John) Stephen Gose and Phillip, who were sons of the 1752 immigrant, Johann Stephan (Gosse) Gose. When Stephan first arrived in this country, he settled in the German community of Linn in Lynn Township, Pennsylvania. There are some historical annals, published many years ago, that speak of the "immigrant Stephan Goos and four brothers who came to this country a little after the American Revolution". This has lead to some additional misunderstandings about "the four original Gose brothers" regarding when and where they came from. It is true, that Stephan and "three or four" of his sons (who were brothers) emmigrated from Pennsylvania to Virginia ("this country" if you are a writer from Virginia), "a little before or after the Revolutionary War". In fact, they arrived in Virginia around 1778.


  1. Family researchers question the exact connection, holding that Stephen Yancy Gose’s grandfather is actually the son of the immigrant Stephan Gose,