Dlongmore immigration


These immigrants were spread across the 4th,5th, and 6th generation within my line. Within their family pages I cover each of the individual journeys. Here I will try to generalize what they had in common and discuss them all together? This article on LDS Emigration covers the early years of the Church as it relates to the emigration of the saints. The mormon trails is another excellent web resource. This article on the early LDS missionary efforts in the British Isles provides some good source in the bibliography section. The July 1987 Ensign has many good articles about the LDS Churchs beginnings in England. I have produced two google maps. One that shows where my ancestor homes were at the time. And another that showing locations of majors LDS historical sites. Some also helped in the colonization efforts.

England to Utah

  • 1855-1855 Jones from Worcestershire
  • 1856-1862 Harmans from Middlesex (daughter meets husband in-route)
  • 1859-1862 Batemans and Argents from Essex
  • 1854-1864 Longmores from Shropshire
  • 1857-1870 Parkers from Leicestershire (by railroad)
  • 1844-1865 Walters from Preston Lancashire
  • 1863-1863 Bartons from Lancashire
  • 1866-1866 Norris from Northhampton

England to New York then to Utah

  • 1866-1882 Sedgwicks from Yorkshire
  • 1868-1872 Halls from Lancashire

?? to Pennsylvania to Utah

  • 1862-1862 Bakers from Pennsylvania (meets wife in-route)

Sweden to Denmark to Utah

  • 1875-1887 Svedin frpm Karlskrona, Karlskrona, Blekinge, Sweden to København, Denmark (via railroad)