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This generation covers the period 1815 to 1935. All but two in this generation were born outside of the US. Of those two in the US one was born in Utah and the other one was born in Pennsylvania. Of the fourteen outside the US ten were born in England, two were born in Sweden and two were born in Denmark. Eleven of them immigrated by ox team to Utah in the 1860's as part of the "Gathering of the Saints to Zion". One immigrated from Denmark in 1887 (at age 55) with her son and daughter inlaw. Three of them lived out their lives in Sweden and Denmark. The one born in Utah remained there for her entire life dying at the age of 18 with the birth of her first child. (16 total 2ggps)

My 2nd Great Grandparents

  1. Henry Longmore (parents immigrated)
  2. Amelia Jones (parents immigrated)
  3. Robert Walters (parents immigrated)
  4. Emily Bateman (parents immigrated)
  5. Richard Sedgwick (self immigrated)
  6. Mary Hall (parents immigrated)
  7. Henry Baker (self immigrated - possible connected with Mary Harman)
  8. Mary Harman (parents immigrated)
  9. Carl Svedin
  10. Cicilia Petersson (son immigrated)
  11. Lars Andersen
  12. Regine Kalberg
  13. John Barton (self, spouse and children immigrated)
  14. Elizabeth Walley (immigrated with John Barton)
  15. Walter Norris (parents immigrated)
  16. Rose Parker (parents immigrated)