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This generation covers the period of 1859 -1960. A big part of these families lives were spent in various parts of Utah. Only the Svedin family headed by Paulus and Anna immigrated to Utah the others spent either their childhoods/youth/or both in Utah. Daniel at age 9 immigrated to Utah by train in 1882 from New York. Two of the married couples who grew up in Utah George and Maud (1900-1960) and Daniel and Isabelle(1900-1930) moved to Southeastern Idaho after they were married and raised their families there. Daniel and Isabelle moved back to Utah in 1930s and remained there till their deaths. Joseph and Maryann started out in Kaysville then moved to Price and then to Ruby Valley Nevada (1915) until Maryanns death in 1935. Joseph then moved back to Utah and remained until his death in 1955.

My Great Grandparents

  1. George Longmore (b. Utah 1875 - d. Utah 1960)
  2. Maud Walters (b. Utah 1879 - d. Utah 1957)
  3. Daniel Sedgwick (b. New York 1873 - d. Utah 1951)
  4. Isabelle Baker (b. Utah 1874 - d. Utah 1945)
  5. Paulus Svedin (b. Sweden 1859 - d. Utah 1914)
  6. Anna Andersen (b. Denmark 1860 - d. Utah 1901)
  7. Joseph Barton (b. Utah 1868 - d. Utah 1955)
  8. Mary Norris (b.Utah 1872 - d. Nevada 1935)
  1. Family of George and Maud
  2. Family of Daniel and Isabelle
  3. Family of Paulus and Anna (immigrants to United States)
  4. Family of Joseph and Mary Ann


  • Blacksmith
  • Teacher
  • Businessman
  • University of Utah
  • Raised by father
  • Pioneers from Sweden and Denmark
  • High education
  • Railroader
  • Testimony of tithing
  • Depression Years
  • Thomas farm house
  • Christmas traditions
  • Story telling
  • Children dying
  • Grocerie store and house in Capitol Hill area.
  • Father died days before birth of son.
  • Sweden shoemaking business
  • Elsinore Utah bee raising, farming and tanning
  • First car in Elsinore and death by car accident
  • San Fransico newspaper award and story for special tanning resembling the American Flag
  • Josephs mother dies at age 6 and is raised with a father only
  • Escort for Wilford Woodruff disguised as a woman (polygamist times)
  • Mother of Paulus outlived her son and daughter inlaw.
  • Uncle Samuel Richard Hall dies in Blackfoot Idaho - could Daniel Sedgwick followed his uncle up there (maybe)?


  • Check Wells Ward records and Wells Death records for Mary Ann Norris death.
  • Check Elsinore Ward records for death of Anna Andersen.