Data. Petition Petition to Secure Lands by Citizens of Tennessee residents south of the Holston and French Broad, 1813



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Person:Robert Cowan (10)
Data. Petition Petition to Secure Lands, Alphabetized List of Signatories


To the Honorable, the General Assembly the state of Tennessee, at the
stated session of 1813

The memorial of signers, Citizens of the District South of rivers
Frenchbroad and Houlston, Shews That they are indebted to the state for
their Lands --- That ever since they have been so indebted, from the
scarcity of spicie in the country, and the reduced price of property - & The
fettered and stagnated situation of the Commerce of the U.S. have entirely
prevented them from procuring so much money as would pay the State their
debt, -- They further Shew, that although your honorable body have been
lenient to your memorialists, that still your indulgence, and all the
industry they could use, would not enable them to extricate themselves from
their dilemma. --- Your memorialists also state, that at this period, they,
as well as the rest of their fellow citizens, are about to be much
burthened with additional taxes, to enable the General Government to
prosicute a just war --- and further shew that nearly one half of the land
for which they owe the State would not sell for the debt -- although the
holder would hereafter be able to pay it -- that the State by vending the
lands, would turn many hundreds of families out of the houses and homes
that they have had for many years, and the State would be the final loser. --

Your memorialists further shew, that heretofore many grants were issued by
the state of North Carolina for lands in this District, which covers nearly
one half of the land --- That many suits are now pending in the Federal and
State Courts on said Claims.--- And that harrassed by the suits, and the
State claims Should it be pressed upon them, they must be finally ruined
--- Your memorialists have shewn, that if the State, during times like the
present, compel the payment of said debt, their ruin must inevitably ensue
-- and also beg leave to add, that should they be furthered indulged and
interest heaped upon them, they must ultimately sink under the accumulated
magnitude of the debt --- And your memorialists respectively ask your
especial attention to their situation --


Saml Saffell
John Clark
James Donohoo
Andrew Giffen
Jas Tedford
Samuel Dickson
John McKee
Robt Eakin
Jesse Wallace
Samuel McMurry
Samuel McCroskey
Bennose Shields
David Reid
Henry Parson
John Tedford Jr
John Sloan
Oliver Alexander
Polaskie Tipton
Meshack Tipton
George Berry
Robert Warren
Robt Sloan
Robert Thompson
James Ganis
John Ewing
Robert Thompson
Andrew Jackson
Alexander Murphy
David Thompson
Isaac Woods
William Sloan
Wm Armstrong
James Murray
James McTeer
Robert McTeer
James McTeer
Saml Bogle
Samuel Gould
Joseph Cusick
Barney Holloway
Edmund Holloway
John Freeman
Saml Thompson
Jehu Stephens
Wallace Thompson
John Duncan
Brice Blair
Wm __________
James ________
Saml Berry
Charles Reagan
Jas Alexander
Archy Murphy
John Houston
Robert Houston Es
Patrick W Culton
______ Gould
Joseph Rogers
Alexr B Gamble
Samuel Glass(g)o
______ Junior
Wm Lowry Jr
John Menis
William Doherty
Isaac Campbell
John McCartney Sen
John McCartney Jr
John Wilken
Samuel Beaklin
Thos Walker
Edwd Buchanan
Uriah Black
George Cope
James Moore
Sam Varner
Wm W Henry
Wm Walker
Joseph Wilson
William James
Ransom Perry
Wm H Greenway
John Simpson
Uriah Sherrill
Saml Thompson
John McKee Jr
Samuel Eakin
Andw Kennedy
Nathaniel Hood
John Norwood
Wm Gillespie
Wm Pugh
Joseph Hart
Andw Thompson
Nathan Lee
John Clayton
Jonathan Griffon
James Upton
Jehu Trimble
Hugh Wear
James Gillespey
George Ewing
Jas Harris Jr (?)
Jno McGinley
John Dunlap
Alexander Ford
Alexander Hail
David Martain
(See page 13b at end of petition.)
Barichias Cooper
James Montgomery
Saml Miller
Joseph Orr
Henry Logan
John McKie Senr
John McKie Jnr
Samuel Cowan
William Sloan
James McTeer
John Cowan Jun
William Hutton
Josiah Hutton
Joseph McConnel
Mathew Houston
James McConnell
Samuel Hogg
Thomas Maxwell
Thomas Gibson
John Gibson
Andrew Gibson
John W Comb
Samuel Henery
Preston Pride
Wm Montgomery
Wm Adams
Wm Small
John Martin
Robert Gayheart
B McGhee
Samuel Norwood
John Cowan
John Edmeston
Thos Montgomery
Hance Russell
John Cooper
James Bell
James Hay
James Edmiston
John Montgomery
Robert Cowan
Hugh Gilbreath
James Sloan
James Logan
John Hanner
Richard Hutson
David Edmiston
Robert McCamey
Saml Handly
Andrew Cowan
James Hogg
Hugh Montgomery
James Montgomery
John Sloan
Jeriamiah Alexander
Nathaniel Bighem
John Wallace
William Wallace
John Bell
David Bell
Moses Justice
Thos Gambele
William Cameron
Jas Boyd
William Burk
George Lowossly (?)
John Cabe
Samuel Gould
John Jackson
Andrew Jackson
Samuel Roan
Robert Wilson
James Houston
John Gould
John Ewing
Henery Ewing
Cornlinos (?) Millar
William Millar
Alexr Montgomery
James Carr
Samuel Carr
Burr Lafety
Wm Edwards
John Edwards
Mark Edwards
Michael Cook
John McDowel
Benjamin McDowel
Charles Edwards
John Holloway
Jerremia Hamontree
James Hamontree
Wm Allin (Eakin?)
George Cooper
David Montgomery
John Martain
John Trimble
Archd Trimble
James Rades (Eades ?)
Valentine Maytox
32- 3-1813-15a
Spencer Benson
Andrew ______
Wiles Morgan
James Balor (Bales ?)
Jacob Burd
Warren Morgan
William Walker
William Cannon
Thomas Doan Senr
John Trotter
Henry B Baker
John Varnell
William Frasher
Henry Baker Junr
William Varnell
John Varnell Senr
David Hutson
William Varnell Junr
Richard Varnell Junr
Thomas White
Jeremiah Vestal (?)
Joseph Varnell
Rolly Clack
John Hopkins
John Lindsey Junr
Meedy White
Augusteen Bowers
Jonas Moon
William Moon
Wm Baker
John Moon
Samuel Moon
Levi Spencer
Richard Varnell Senr
Wm Maples
Moses Johnson
Henry Haggard
James Vinyard
David Nelson
John Kuker (?)
John Burk
Wm Mitchell
John or James Bishop
(Name written over.)
Wm Longly
S. Clack Jr
Wm Henderson
Spencer Clack
Richd Wood
Elijah Rogers
Charles Claubaugh
John Claubaugh Sr
John Catlett
Josiah Rogers
Sion Perry
Samuel Henderson
Robt Owens
Robt Wear
Richard Shields
Joseph Rowland
Kinzey W Vetch
John Kelly
Ison Guin
John Guin
David _enton
Henry Person
John Person
Sam Person
Wm Davis
Joseph Wood
John Davis
Jearmiah Barns
Ransom Davis
Person Davis
Mitcheal Roulsten
Wm Matocks
Abedenego Boase
Midgon (?) Boase
John A Wolfe
John Moris
Thomas Benson
Andrew Phillips
Joseph Phillips
Lardy Pain (Price ?)
George Phillips
Abraham ______
Abraham Phillips
Ezekiel Johnson
James Fanshier
John Fanshier
Wm Hatcher
James Agnew
William Waters
James Lamon
William Price
James Qualls
John Mahan Sen
John Mahan Jr
Archamidas Mahan
Timothy Ragan
John Marshall
William Brimer
______ White
John Lovelady
Samuel Hill
______ Holland
Arch Liwes (?)
Barefoot Runions
John Fryer
John Holsonbake
Samuel Fanshire
Armaza White
Johnson Adams
James McMahan
Edwd Calvert
Arnett Shields
Robt Shields
James Riggan Senr
Henry Riggin
James Riggin
William Murphy
John Murphy
David Murphy
James Murphy
Richard ______
Jacob Johnson
David Fansher
Aaron Runyan
Abraham Mullendore
Joseph Compton
Saml Patterson
John Thomas
Elijah Thomas
Jesse Webb
L Jinkins
William Henderson
James Wilson
Adam Wilson
Benj Hubbard
Levi White
John ______
Samuel Logan
______ Owens
George Huffaker
William Foster
William ______
Thos _urdin
______ White
John Taylor
Job Manning
Thomas Caldwell
Thomas Hill
Haris Brasier
Hugh Duggan Senr
Joseph Manning
Richard Manning
Jerimiah Wells
Jecob Lemon
James Turner Junr
Tilphey Clark a widow
David Hill
Stephen Oldham
James Ferguson Junr
James Oldham
Samuel Low
Thomas Low
Joel Longly
Joseph Longly
Henry Houk
John Houk
John Fox
Byron Patterson
John Freasure
Wm Price
John Price
Samuel Price
Jacob Price
James Price
John Mitchell
John Williams
Mitchell Reed
John Shahan
William Reed
Charles Reed
Thomas George
Joseph McCord
Andrew Creswell
Evans Creswell
John Cunningham
John Lane
Hose Rose
McKinsey Rose
John Rose
Adam Fagely
John Clnbeard
Benja Rictor
Joseph Blair
Jesse Akins
William Randles
John Chandler
Benja Chandler
John Houk
William Martin
Alexr Sullivan (?)
Frederick Emmert
John Roberts
Philip Emmert
Mitcheal Brickery
Joel Copeland
James A Campble
James Ferguson Senr
John Ferguson
Rulo Coons
Isaac Husky
James Husky
Allen Bryan Jr
Peter Bryan
Thos Bryan
William Bryan
Andrew Stephenson
Anthony Lawson Snr
William Thomas
Archibald Whitin
James Clark
Thomas Dixon
William Womack
Jacob Layman
Martin Houk
Henry Kenatser
Andrew Kenatser
John Williamson
James Foster
Abraham McClary
Thos Barnett
Michael Layman
John Layman
George Layman
Robt Clnbeard
Martin Shultz
Isaac Thomas
Antipas Thomas
Thomas Stover
Abram Stover Segn
William Tucker
Abraham Baker
Memorial of Citizens So Frenchbroad & Holston rivers
H Repre Sept 22d 1813
Read & refered to the committee of pro & grevences & sent to the Senate
H Alexander Clk
Senate 22 Sept. 1813 rec'd read and refered to committee as above
T.A. Rogers Clk