Analysis:Houston's of Old Chester County, PA/A discussion of family relationships

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Samuel Huston died c1739, leaving a wife Esther who was named as Executrix, along with Hugh Linn and Samuel Thompson. The will entered probate in May of 1741, and was filed September 1742. The account was filed by Henry and Esther Glesford. Henry is most likely the husband of widow Esther Houston.
A record has been seen Need source for this. which shows that Phillips Bottom passed into the hands of Henry Glesford. Presumably this property (which was bequeathed to Christopher and James Houston) was given back to their mother and stepfather.
Dan Welch found an item showing a connection between James Houston of Shellpot Creek and Henry and Ether Glesford [need to relocate the details of that]. This seems to suggest that James of Shellpot Creek was in fact the grandson to whom Christopher Huston left a share of Phillips Bottom
Dan also noted a 1721 marriage between a James Houston and Mary Glassford in First Presbyterian Philadelphia. This Glassford connection seems to tie together this James who married Mary Glassford, with Christopher Houston's family, and is presumably his son. I'll guess that Mary is Henry Glassfords sister.
Dan also pointed to the will of Margaret Lightfoot who died 1732, in which she left a bequest to "cousins Thomas and James Hewston sons of James near Brandywine. Shellpot Creek is, of course, adjacent to the Brandywine.
It is difficult to see how James grandson of Christopher, would have been old enough to marry Mary Glesford in 1721.
Going out on a limb perhaps the James who married Mary Glesford is an otherwise unrecognized child of Christopher---he's unrecognized because he doesn't appear in the will---we've assumed that Christopher and James were the sons of Robert simply because after Samuel (childless) is eliminated we have no other candidates for their father.---But perhaps Christopher Sr. had three sons, James, Samuel, and Robert---and James died shortly before Christopher did in 1726.