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Getting Started
  • Create a wiki page for one of your ancestors including stories and pictures, because your ancestors lives' are more than just dates and places.
  • Import a GEDCOM to automatically create wiki pages for every family and each of the people in your GEDCOM. Please check your GEDCOM for errors first.
  • Upload and annotate images.
  • Search over 2,000,000 person and family pages. Add what you know to common ancestor pages. Network with cousins.
  • Search nearly 1,000,000 sources, including microfilms and websites.
  • Search over 400,000 places. Learn about child and parent jurisdictions, what records were kept when, history, maps, etc. Add a research tip.
  • Watch a tutorial video
Current Projects

Volunteer projects are responsible for many of the outstanding features of WeRelate. Check out these projects and get involved!

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  • Add WeRelate to your email signature.
  • Add a WeRelate badge to your blog with the following HTML code: <a href="http://www.werelate.org/wiki/User:your user name"><img src="http://www.werelate.org/w/skins/common/images/badge.png"></a>