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If you are in search of a Morrow male from your line to join the DNA project, please let us and others know by posting it here. An email to one of the project administrators is hard to track, and relies on us to remember you exist. A posting here serves as a reminder, and lets others know you're looking.

To add a name, click "add comment" above, and list as much information as necessary to identify your line. Make sure to include contact information if you are not a WeRelate member because it will not otherwise be attached to your posting. (WeRelate members can chose to have users leave a message on your talk page, and you'll get an email letting you know.)

James of Greenbrier, (W)Va m. Mary

James was born about 1730 in Ireland. He left a number of deeds and records in Greenbrier County before dying in 1797. His will names his sons Samuel and James. His wife was Mary. Further details can be found here.

A descendant of his son James is interested in finding a project participant from this line. A descendant of Samuel would also be of interest generally because two descendants of that line married daughters of Sam Houston, and a test would disprove the line for them published in Tennessee Cousins. Contact me at the email on the link above. --Amelia.Gerlicher 12:59, 18 August 2006 (MDT)

North Carolina Morrows [8 July 2008]

Descendants of the following men are of general interest to current researchers in the project. Contact Amelia.

- David Morrow m. Martha Brashears. David was born c. 1750. He was in Orange Co (now Guilford) NC before 1771 in the Buffalo Church community where he married Martha Brashears/Brasher & later moved to Mecklenburg Co NC where he died 1810. His son David married Jenny McCullough in 1802 in Mecklenburg Co, NC and later moved to Lafayette Co, MS.

  • Found! DNA sample submitted in July 2008.

- John Morrow, who owned property adjacent to William Morrow in Buncombe County, NC in the early 1800s. He is probably the John Morrow, age 76, in Coffee Co, TN in 1850, whose son John M. moved to Sebastian Co, AR.

- William Morrow m. Rachel Reed. William died before the 1781 tax list was compiled, in Haw River, Orange Co, NC. Children were Hugh, William, James, Andrew, John, George.

- John Morrow m. Janet, of Mecklenburg Co, NC, left a will in 1795 naming his sons Robert, John, George and Richard.

  • Found! Results show John's line matches Group 6, called "NC Brothers" at the moment because the first two matches were brothers. (See list here).

South Carolina Morrows

- Joseph Morrow m. Jane Wiley (Wylie). Joseph was born about 1760, allegedly to David and Agnes Morrow of Chester Co, SC. He died 30 Nov 1835 in Chester Co, SC. Jane then moved to Mississippi with her son Joseph's family. Contact Bill.

  • Found! Results show Joseph's line matches Group 1, with the same haplotype as descendants of Thomas m. Janet McCarter and David m. Margaret Kelso, consistent with him being the son of David and Agnes. (See list here).

Maryland Morrows

Descendants of any Morrows living in Baltimore 1790-1820 are sought. See here for names. Contact Bill.

Looking for descendents of Isaac N. Morrow and Mary Ann Crownover

I will contribute the cost of the DNA testing for any male Morrow descendent of Isaac N. Morrow born 1818 in Lawrence County, Alabama and Mary Ann Crownover born about 1822 in Lawrence County, Alabama. They were married in 1839 and I have found them in census records through 1860 still in Lawrence County.

I can be reached at


Comment posted here

He is probably actually named as follows:

GEORGE MURRAY married MARY FLEMING 20th January 1763 in Paxtang/ Paxten - (later Harrisburg area) Dauphin County Pennsylvania. married 2nd Mary Mecklen or MacLain. He died 1790.

DNA matched William Morrow family & Barbara Zantzinger- to Thomas Zantzinger Morrow then Edwin Porch Morrow- public figures in American politics & justice etc.

DNA also matches Murray family of Selkirkshire Scotland 1750- 1925 circa Morrow family cited as related to Governor Jeremiah Murray of Jeremiah Morrow- Governor of Ohio before the civil war- 1830's. The Governors father was John Murray- mother was Mary Lockhart.

This Murray family are Murrays of Philiphaugh & Deauchar in Selkirk, and are branches of the same family as Adam Murray the defender of Londonderry.

All of the above families were situated in Paxtang Dauphin Co Pennsylvania area 1760-circa. Also, the majority of the members were involved in the Presbyterian dissenting parish, especially the inaugral Covenantor group whereby they were founding Elders.--Alexandrina Murray 08:21, 29 November 2010 (EST)


Looking for father of Thomas Morrow born 1797 in Pennsylvania who married Matilda Blair in Clear Creek Deerfield Ohio 1820. A participant in the Morrow DNA Surname study matches 67/67 markers with the Murray Family of Selkirkshire Scotland. Details regarding this family will be posted here shortly.--Alexandrina Murray 11:08, 11 March 2010 (EST)


Morrow of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio & Gettysburg,

My name is Alexandrina Murray from Sydney Australia. My father who is 94 years old and a MURRAY has submitted a 67 marker yDNA test with Familytree DNA.The purpose of this post is to inform other members of Morrow research society etc that my father's results are now in and the 25 , 37 and 67 marker test matches with Morrow family members related to

the following 4 or 5 distinct Morrow-Murray families. My own Murrays were stated to be descended from Murray of Philiphaugh in Selkirkshire:

Thomas Morrow born 1797 married Matilda Blair- in Pennsylvania -they lived in York County in the same town as Governor Jeremiah Morrow of Ohio and his family.

Thomas Morrow and Matilda Blair were the parents of Physician- Doctor Lafayette Blair Morrow born 1830 circa in Ohio. There were a number of other siblings of this couple. The family moved to Pennsylvania- Maryland, Ohio, Illinois and elsewhere. Thomas appears to have had a brother names Abel Morrow who married Lucinda Blair- sister of Matilda. There were a number of descendants of this couple.

Thomas Morrow is said by some researchers to be a son of Governor Jeremiah Morrow of Ohio, who was the father of eleven children who survived him, and a number who died in infancy. Jeremiah Morrow born 1771 circa was a son of John Murray and Mary Lockhart of Pennsylvania. John Murray's name is cited in the historical records of Ohio to have morphed to the name Morrow in the 1770's. John Murray born 1740 circa was a son of Jeremiah Murray and his wife Sarah Murray. Jeremiah had emigrated to Gettysburg area where he was an elder in the Covenanting Kirk - dissenting United Presbyterians- in that area. This was 1745 circa. His family were of Scottish descent and hailed from the Ettrick Forest area in Selkirkshire and Traquair to Eddleston area of Peebles Shire. Originally the family were known as Murrays of Falahill(in Midlothian). Their particular line though became known as Murray of Philiphaugh.

Colonel Adam Murray defender and hero of Londonderry 1685 circa, was named in historical records of Ohio and elsewhere as the father of Jeremiah Murray senior. Samuel Murray- brother of Adam, is also a possible father of Jeremiah senior in my opinion. Samuel was a Captain in the Army and was also recorded in the annals as being at the Seige of Londonderry as brother of Adam. Adam Murray and Samuel Murray were two of the children of Gideon Murray of Philiphaugh and his wife Sarah Mackie, they had another son named John in 1711. Gideon , a Captain in the Horse Guards was expelled from Selkirkshire Scotland over to Derry at Ling in Ireland, on account of his Covenanting activities.

Alternative parents of Thomas Morrow b. 1797 may be William Morrow and Barbara Anne Zantzinger. This family were involved in the Rumsey steamboat affair and our DNA result also matches this William. William's brothers were said to have been Colonel John Morrow, Captain Charles Morrow, and perhaps James Morrow. Quite a bit of historical material has been archived regarding this family. Mr Walter Morrow (Walt Morrow) previously cited on this forum has thoroughly researched this family and noted the 'missing Thomas Morrow born 1797 circa' from this lineage.

Our DNA Matches 25/25 include descendants of Thomas Morrow and Matilda Blair , cited above, also- Matches 34/36 William Morrow and Barbara Anne Zantzinger- namely Edwin Porch Morrow & family also early Governors (judges? details shortly)

Also similar matches George Morrow who is said to have married Mary Calhoun 1755 circa in North or South Carolina , lived Georgia? Maryland and Pennsylvania (TBD). Accordingly the 25 marker test also matches 24/25 . Most importantly though the 37 marker test result has just returned with a 99% positive result of a common ancestor within a certain timeframe.

I have been in contact with Morrow family members and stated that it appears that I can trace the Morrow family back to Selkirk in Scotland.

According to the DNA result there IS a relationship between our families and MURRAY and MORROW MORRAY MORAY MURRAH are one in the same family. The morph occurred according to the transcribed name being written as heard (thick scots accents). Also citing the following comment:

" The great family of Murray whose name is pronounced as Morow in the Scottish Borders" dated 1820 circa.

Please also note that George Morrow who married Mary was arguably GEORGE MORRAY married MARY FLEMING 1763 in Pennsylvania. Perhaps he married 3 times, not twice.

Please contact me at any time for further information: I have a very extensive gedcom available 4,500 individuals. I have the Murray family tree going back to 10 to 20 generations in Scotland.

My parents were both born in Scotland and Father's family from Selkirk.