User:Mksmith/To Do List


Expand & clean up all the cemeteries I've created.

Add lineage for Christopher Columbus.

Add section to Help:Source page titles about WWI draft registration cards.

Add details for Repository:Notarial Archives Research Center.

Add details for Place:Highland Cemetery, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Go through newly-added cemetery places in Red River tree and add photos & coordinates.

Expand page for Person:Henry Stout (7) & add picture.

Greatly expand page for Person:Charles DeMorse (1)

Clean up James Smith Yarborough.

Add spouses to kids of Family:Jeremiah Carr and Keziah Hatfield (1).

Add kids to Person:Elijah Ashcraft (2), his father, & his grandfather.

Merge multiple Daniel Ashcrafts.

Add to Person:Daniel Sapp (1) & all his known descendants.

Add to Person:Joseph Myers (23) & Person:Mary Ledford (1) all their known descendants. -- DONE!

Add all the new county history stuff to Person:Henry Gastineau (1).

Make place page for Owensburg Cemetery, Owensburg, Indiana (with details).

Make place page for St. Joseph's Cemetery, Indianapolis (with details).

Person:Aden Sprinkle (1) -- add spouse & kids.

Person:John Sprinkle (4) -- add rest of the kids & their families.

Family:John Lower and Prudence Grissom (1) -- expand principals & add details.

Family:Hayden Smith and Emaranda Rowles (1) -- add children & grandchildren. -- DONE!

Rachel Elvira Webb -- add details.

Person:Oliver Smith (23) -- add details.

Mary Margaret Smith -- add details.

Person:Tarkington Lower (1) -- add details.

Family:Tarkington Lower and Mary Smith (1) -- add all details to their children.

Person:Mary Montgomery (49) -- find parents in North Carolina & Ohio.

Find anything at all on Person:Unknown Clifford (4), Elizabeth Sapp's 3rd husband.

Person:Robert Porter (32) -- find in 1830 & 1840 census.

Person:James Baughn (3) -- find in 1850, 1860, 1880, & 1910 census.

William Flint Gastineau -- find in 1850 census.

James W. Gastineau -- find in 1880 census.

George A. Gastineau -- find in 1870, 1900, & 1920 censuses. Look for death record & obit (1927).

Person:Henry Gastineau (2) -- find Civil War service file.

Person:Frank Gastineau (1) -- look for death record & obit (1957).

Person:Frank Cronin (2) -- look for death record & obit (1958).

Person:Joseph Gastineau (1) -- look for death record and obit (1924).

Find Person:A Baird (1) in SOME place, at SOME time

Expand Gabriel Fuller/Ann Cuningham page (not yet added) with info from last research trip.

Add children to Family:James Van Winkle and Dorothy Thomas (1).