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John Davies was born 13 February 1838 according to the family bible. I believe the year was actually 1836 from his age on the various census and the date of his christening.

FHL Film #1655827 - Parish Records for Halton, Cheshire - Babtisms 1788-1887 29 April 1832 Charles Davies, son of Thomas & Jane, Halton, Labourer 27 March 1836, John Davies, son of Thomas & Jane, Halton, Labourer 19 May 1839, James Davies, son of Thomas & Jane, Halton, Labourer

1841 Census - Runcorn, Dist. 2, Page 4a Thomas Davies, 30, Groom, Cheshire Jane Davies 30 Thomas Davies 15 Charles Davies 10 Henry Davies 5 John Davies 5 James Davies 2

The family described in the 1841 census fits the baptisms and the only child born after registrations of births were required was James (born about 1839). I ordered the birth certificate for the only James Davies born in the Runcorn district in that period and his parents were listed as: Thomas Davies and Jane Bradshaw. I found the marriage of Thomas Davies and Jane Bradshaw in nearby Warrington:

FHL Film #1468988 - Bishops Transcripts for Warrington, LAN, England 1827-1834 Marriage: In the Parish of Warrington in the County of Lancaster in the year 1831 Thomas Davies of this parish and Jane Bradshaw of this parish were married in this church by banns with consent of parties this third day of April 1831 by me Ths Lowe, curate Ths Davies X his mark Jane Bradshaw X her mark In the presence of Jas. Tilley X his mark and Alice Dowling X her mark

1851 Census, Parish of Runcorn, Town of Runcorn, Page 537a Nelson Street Jane Davies, Head, Widow, 46, Flintshire,Bangor Thomas Davies, Son, Unmarried, 25, Labourer at Soaprey, Cheshire, Runcorn John Davies, Son, Unmarried, 15, Labourer at Soaprey, Cheshire, Halton James Davies, Son, 12, Cheshire, Runcorn Sarah Jane Davies, Granddaughter, 2, Cheshire, Runcorn

From the previous sources, I have assumed that John Davies was probably born 13 February 1836. John was married twice and had many children.

Marriage Certificate: 1855 Marriage solemnized at the Chapel of Farnworth in the Parish of Prescot in the County of Lancaster. 1st January 1855 John Davies 21 Bachelor, Labourer, Widnes, Thomas Davies, Servant Margaret Fairhurst, 19, Spinster, Widnes, James Fairhurst, Labourer Married in the Parochial Chapel according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me, Robert M. Woods, Curate John Davies X his mark, Margaret Fairhust X her mark In the Presence of us, John Tallan X his mark, Ann Tallan X her mark

From the 1861,1871 and 1881 Census returns, I have discovered the following children of John and Margaret: Sarah Jane 1856, William 1858, Mary Elizabeth 1859, Amelia 1865, Albert 1868, Agnes, 1869, John 1871, Edward 1872, James Henry 1874.

Margaret died in the December quarter 1877 and John married my great-grandmother, Esther Letitia Brown 16 February 1879:

Marriage Certificate: 1879 Marriage solemnized at St. Chrysossoms Church in the Parish of St. Chrysossoms, Everton in the County of Lancaster. Sixteenth February, 1879 John davies Full Age Widower Labourer Aubrey Street Thomas Davies Coachman Esther Letitia Brown Full Age, Spinster, Lynedock Street, John Brown Labourer Married in the Church of St. Chrysossom according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, after Banns by, W. F. Taylor, Curate John Davies X his mark, Esther Letitia Brown (signed) In the Presence of us: Christopher Wadsworth and Esther Jepson

Although Esther's age was given as "Full", she was actually only seventeen when she married John Davies. Perhaps her young age was the reason for the marriage to take place in Everton.

John and Esther went on to have eleven children, the following were born in Runcorn: Thomas Harold born 6 May 1881 Wilfrid born 11 Feb. 1883 Hannah Duckworth born 29 Dec. 1884 Lilian born 24 May 1886 Fred born 4 Dec. 1887 Leonard born 11 Oct. 1890 William Duckworth born 18 Dec. 1891 Frank born 10 April 1893 The family moved to Birkenhead some time after Frank was born and the following were born in that city: May and Elsie (twins) were born 14 January 1896 Edith was born 16 February 1899.

Hannah Duckworth and the four youngest children were either stillborn or died in infancy. My grandfather, William Duckworth Davies was the youngest child to survive infancy.

John Davies worked as a chemical labourer in the soapworks in Runcorn but when the moved to Birkenhead he ran a fried-chipped potato shop from his home. John died from stomach cancer on 7 October 1903 and Esther moved with her children to Canada about 1905.