I am a Canadian, with both my parents, Bert Davies and Ruth Bellamy also born in Canada. Person:Herbert Davies (1) Person:Ruth Bellamy (1)

My maternal grandmother, Vinetta Tremaine Butchart, was also born in Canada, as were her parents: Edward Neil Butchart and Maria Moyer. Person:Vinetta Butchart (1) Person:Edward Butchart (1) Person:Maria Moyer (1)

My other three grandparents came to Canada in the late 19th and early 20th centuries from England with their parents. My maternal grandfather, John S. Bellamy, Person:John Bellamy (1), and my paternal grandparents, William Duckworth Davies Person:William Davies (1) and Lucy Millicent Crockett Person:Lucy Crockett (1) all died in Canada.

I invite anyone to follow the links which will eventually carry you to England, Scotland, United States, and Europe.


residing in Comox on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada