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From Friesland, Groningen & Drenthe


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Petrus Stuyvesant arrives at Manhattan with the WIC ships Groote Gerrit and Princess Amalia to assume his position as director general of New Netherland, Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba

  • 1652: The Formation of Beverwijck in 1652,10th April

The formation of the village of Beverwijck, established as the Court of Fort Orange and Beverwijck, temporarily resolving the dispute between the Patroonship of Rensselaerswijck and the West India Company.

  • 1664: the English conquered New Amsterdam (abt 2500 inhabitants)
  • 1673: New Netherland Restored in 1673 9th August, The combined fleet of Cornelis Evertsz and Jacob Benckes captures New York and restore

New Netherland during the Third Anglo-Dutch War. New York City is renamed New Orange; Kingston becomes Swanenburgh; Albany, Willemstad; Fort Albany, Fort Nassau.

  • 1674: New Netherland Returned to England in 1674,10th November

New Netherland officially returned to England as the province of New York as a result of the Treaty of Westminster, ending the Third Anglo-Dutch War.