By 'brick walls' here, I mean more recent genealogical questions that do not have enough descendants to warrant investigations by the professional genealogist writers.

Basil Maxwell - The very incorrect Maxwell book by Peggy Maxwell Arnold gives him a father John based on a source that no one can find. This John's probate information does not appear in Wayne County KY's probate books when she says it does. It may not be possible to sort out his parentage.

Robert Plotner Shepherd -

George W. Morris -

Ignatius Wheeler -

Matilda Townsend - Probably daughter of George Washington Townsend Sr and Mary Combs, who were originally living in Bracken co KY before moving to Christian co KY and then Brown co IL. Link is not proven, as GW Townsend's probate record is sparse. Search needs to be made in Adams co IL probate (which is not online) to see if Matilda received anything from her possible father's estate after 1844.

George Clifton -

Sarah Nagle -

William P. Dillon -

Isaac Thomson - I have seen trees state that he is a son of Moses Thomson and Margaret (Hendershot?) but this is an unconfirmed link.

Thomas Scott -

Elizabeth Shurts - I was given a paper several years ago that claims she is the daughter of Peter Shurts, but I cannot confirm this link.

Mary Seeley - The Seeley Society claims, without a source, that she is a daughter of Abel Seeley and Sarah Guire, but there is no other genealogical work I have seen that gives her parentage. They simply state that she married George Batterson. There are several Seeley families that could be her parents, so Abel and Sarah would need to eliminated or confirmed first, through the probate, which can only be viewed in person in CT.

Amos Kelley - In many trees he is shown to be a son of Amos Kelley and Elizabeth Jackson, but there is another completely different man with that name living next to the widow Elizabeth Jackson Kelley in the 1850 Census. Amos vanishes after the 1880 census. His wife Julia was buried in the same cemetery that Elizabeth Jackson Kelley was later buried in, which is a point in a favor of a relation.

Julia Ann Alvis - Is supposed to be a daughter of James Alvis and Lucy (Ingraham?), whose connection to the rest of the Alvis line is unknown, which seems quite likely, but I have not proven the link.

Abraham Elliott and William Elliott - I have not see the proof that links Abraham Elliott to William Elliott

Emaline Cunningham - Most trees that she is in do not contain guesses as to her parentage, but those that do state she is a daughter of Silas Cunningham, which seems likely due to her and her husband having a son with that unusual name, and living next to Silas Cunningham in one of the censuses. This link would have to be documented better before I am willing to add it to my tree.

Abraham P. Burns - Censuses show him with a birth place of Virginia in 1827ish. Seems to appear out of nowhere in Delaware Co IN in 1848 to marry his wife, Sarah Ann Pendroy. Does not appear on 1850 census. No clues; perhaps he moved to Indiana on his own.

Mary Wiseman - Poor/no sourced trees give her father as Abraham Wiseman.

Elias Scott and Elizabeth Smith -

Hannah D. Parker -

Anatacio Sotomayor and Maria Micaela Lopez - this couple had children baptized in Tepic, Nayarit but I have not been able to find their marriage record. The earliest baptism I've found is from 1819.

James W. Stephens and Jesus Gifford - Earliest child is baptized in Tepic in 1850, but their marriage did not happen there. Baptisms give the grandparent's names, but I have not been able to find anything further.