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Notes on Ira Huntley

Land patents: Ira received military warrants for two properties in Wisconsin, both of which he assigned to others.

There is an account of Captain Saxe's company in a history of Highgate:

Conrad Saxe was captain of the 2d Company of the 1st Regiment and 1st Brigade of detached Militia. This 2d Company was raised from the towns of Highgate, Swanton, St. Albans, Georgia, Milton, and Westford. ... This company were detached for 6 or 9 months and served out their time at Swanton Falls in 1812.

Page 420 of the same volume lists the roll of Saxe's company on Sept. 1, 1812; Ira Huntley is listed.

New York State records show that Ira Huntley was an officer in a Genesee County regiment in 1821.

It appears that there are two Ira Huntleys of the same approximate age in Ohio. 1850 census:

  • Bath, Summit, Ohio; b. 1796 in New York; m. to Sophia B, b. 1797 in Mass.; wagon master
  • Berlin, Erie, Ohio; b. 1791 in Vermont; m. to Sally, b. 1789 in Vt; farmer

The Berlin Ira lived next door to Ozias Huntley, who is presumably his son. It also seems most likely that this is the Ira who is grandfather to Selium.

The Bath Ira is presumably the father of Amanda M. Huntley whose marriage license I found.

There is only one Ira Huntley in the 1840 census, in Bath, Summit, Ohio. There is an Aaron Huntley listed in Berlin, Erie, Ohio.

The only Ira Huntley in the 1830 census is in Milton, Chittenden, Vermont. There is a Levis Huntley in Bath, Medina, Ohio.

There are three Ira Huntleys in the 1820 census: Milton, Chittenden, Vermont; Cicero,​ Onondaga,​ New York; and Middleburry,​ Genesee,​ New York. Neither of the latter two are anywhere near Vermont. I don't have access to the images to check ages.

It is notable that Selium's biography says that the family moved first to Medina County, Oh. before settling in Erie County. I want to believe that the Levis/Ira in Bath is a cousin of the Milton Ira.

By the 1860 census the only Ira of appropriate age is in Farrington, La Crosse, Wisconsin; b. 1794 in Vt.; wife Sally.

By the 1870 census the only Ira of appropriate age is in Bath, Summit, OH; b. 1796 in NY.; no spouse, but a daughter or dil.

No appropriate-aged Iras in the 1880 census.

McGary land grants

in vicinity of Norwalk:

  • 4/15/1856: two 40-acre patents to Elvira McGary
  • 3/10/1857: 80-acre patent to William W. Lord, assigned to Selium McGary
  • 3/10/1857: 40-acre patent to Selium McGary
  • 7/1/1859: 80-acre patent to Selium McGary

John and Mary Fisher of Norton

Children of "John and Mary" Fisher, from the Norton VRs, pp. 55-57:

  • John, ch. John and Mary, Apr. 27, 1723. [56]
  • Joseph, ch. John and Mary, June 15, 1725. [56]
  • William, ch. John and Mary, July 8, 1733, in Atelborrough [sic]. [57]
  • Mary, ch. John and Mary, Feb. 21, 1734-5, in Atelborrough [sic]. [57]
  • David, ch. John and Mary, Mar. 10, 1736-7. [56]
  • Hannah, ch. John and Mary, Mar. 1, 1738-9. [56]
  • Eunice, ch. John and Mary, Apr. 30, 1741. [56]
  • Joell, ch. John and Mary, July 4, 1743. [56]
  • -----, s. John and Mary, Apr. 28, 1748. [57]
  • Peter, ch. John and Mary, Aug. 26, 1749. [57]
  • Bathsheba, ch. John and Mary, Dec. 27, 1752. [55]
  • Abiel, ch. John and Mary, Sept. 22, 1755. [55]
  • Elijah, [twin] ch. John and Mary, June 18, 1758. [56]
  • Enoch, [twin] ch. John and Mary, June 18, 1758. [56]

The only marriage we have is:

 [FISHER,] John and Mary Bolkam of Atelborrough [sic], Mar. 30, 1732, in Atelborrough.

William and Mary are clearly the children of this couple, given the congruence in the misspelling of Attleboro. And John and Joseph are children of another John and Mary.

Here are relevant deaths (p. 370):

  • Mary (Fishey) [w. John], June 25, 1725. [in 24th y., G.R.2.]
  • Joseph, ch. John and Mary, July 17, 1725.
  • -----, s. John and Mary, Apr. 28, 1748.
  • John, Oct. 20, 1768, in 6[torn]th year.

Thus, the first Mary died in childbirth in 1725. The question is, was the 1732 marriage a remarriage for John? With a young child, it is very likely that the first John would have remarried (probably more quickly than 7 years); but there are no other weddings for John Fisher in Norton.

The John who died in 1768 could not have been the first John, nor the first John's son, but is a plausible age for having a first marriage in 1732.

Just to confuse things further, there is a widow Mary who married in 1753.

While we are here, some possibly relevant marriages for the children (pp. 234-5):

  • William of Attleborough, and Abigail Grover, int. July 19, 1754. [235]
  • Mary [int Tisher] of Wrentham, and Elisha Briggs [int 1st], Mar. 30 1758, in Wrentham.
  • Mary and Jotham Briggs of Dighton, Jan. 28, 1762.
  • Hannah and Amos Dagget of Attleborough, Jan. 3, 1760.
  • Eunice and Benjamin Trafton [int. Traffan] of Dighton, Mar. 22, 1764.

Eunice seems to be a clear match; Hannah is the right age, but there were other Hannah Fishers born in 1739 and 1744; the second Mary seems more likely of the two; and it seems rather unlikely that William would have established himself in Attleboro by age 21, given that his parents were still in Norton. Other than Hannah, there are no competitors in the Norton births.

Full resolution of these issues will require cross-checking the Attleboro VRs; but as a working hypothesis it seems reasonable to assume that the children from William through Enoch are all from Mary Bolkcom; and that the two Johns are different individuals.

Julians in Fairfield Co., Oh.

The following are listed as 1806 taxpayers in Clear Creek (A Complete History of Fairfield County, Ohio By Hervey Scott

  • Julian, William
  • Julian, jr., John
  • Julian, John
  • Julian, Isaac
  • Julian, Stephen
  • Julian, John, sr.

From Centennial History of Lancaster, Ohio, and Lancaster People: 1898, the 100th ... By Charles Milton Lewis Wiseman ( p. 115 (published 1898):

Philip Shartle came to Lancaster from Berks County, Penn., in 1804 and took up his residence on Columbus Street. He remained here a year or two and then moved to his farm in Clear Creek Township where he kept a tavern for twenty-five years. His daughter, Sarah, was a small girl at the time he lived here. She married John Julian, of Madison Township in 1825. They were the parents of Isaac Julian, of Madison Township. Mrs. Julian is noa a resident of Circleville, O. She has passed her ninety-fifth year. She is undoubtedly the oldest person living who lived in Lancaster as early as 1804.

Find a grave records

John Julian (1798-1858)

 Sarah Shartle Julian (1802 - 1899)* 
 Ann Elizabeth Julian (1825 - 1845)*
 Elzy Julian (1826 - 1862)*
 Valentine Julian (1832 - 1858)*
 Ann Eliza Julian (1836 - 1856)*
 John W. Julian (1843 - 1862)*
 Mary Ellen Julian (1845 - 1847)*

Isaac W. Julian (1806-1882)

 Susan E. Julian (1840 - 1918)

Isaac Allen Julian (1832-1903)

 Catharine Ellen Baughman Julian (1844 - 1878)* 
 Edmond E. Julian (1864 - 1888)*
 Sarah E. Julian (1865 - 1865)*
 Frank S. Julian (1867 - 1915)*
 Arletta A. Julian (1869 - 1904)*
 Hatty May Julian (1871 - 1883)*
 Charles Sumler Julian (1872 - 1964)*
 Effie Dell Julian (1878 - 1891)*

Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1997

  • Rebecca m. George P. Knoff 1808
  • Stephen m. Hanna Beery 1808
  • Nancy m. Bengamin Naugle 1809
  • Deiva m. John Smith 1819
  • Susan m. Samuel Moore 1822
  • Elizabeth m. William Hodges 1830
  • Butler R m. Melinda Buzzard 1850
  • Mary Ann m. Lewis Pierce 1851
  • Jacob F m. Zeida North 1852
  • Eran . Emma C Sanderson 1856
  • William R. m. Esther Courtright 1857
  • Lucinda Ann m. Josiah Baker 1858
  • Sarah M m. Jonas Hedges 1858
  • Isaac W m. Susan E. Benedum 1861
  • Allen m. Martha Morehead 1863
  • Isaac A m. Catherine E Baughman 1864
  • John P m Mary Jane Hamilton 1864
  • Climena D m. James Mccord 1865
  • Annie M m James L Jackson 1866
  • George W D m. Lucinda Hedges 1867

Ohio, Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997

  • John (1798-1874); Ireland
  • Isaac (1807-1882); Va.
  • Catherine (1787-1874); Virginia
  • Isaac A (1833-1903); Madison tp.

1850 census

  • Isaac, b. 1815, w/ Sarah (Lancaster)
  • Stephen, b. 1815, w/ Margaet, William, Samuel, Archebald, Caroline E, Lilla (Greenfield)
  • John, b. 1798 Ky, w/ Sarah, Philp, Elza, Isaac, Barbara, Elizabeth, Valentine, John (Madison)
  • Joseph, b. 1826, w/ Louisa, Ephraim, Rhoda E, Nathan (Clear Creek)
  • Mary, b. 1804 Md, w/ Mary A (Clear Creek)