Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p593


Volume 4, Page 593

1657, well advanc. in in yrs. Bond says he was allow. 1649 to keep
an inn.

    WINDALL, THOMAS, Ipswich 1643, Felt -- is the total of Farmer's
MS. note; but little more worth having is to be seen under Wendall.

    WINDIAT, JOHN, Dover, sen. and jun. are introd. on the authority of
Farmer in MS. note, from rec. of Ct. of Quarter sess. in 1686; and
without daring to propose a substitute, I suggest that the name may
have been mistak. for aft. sev. hours' search, I am unable to discov. it
in any quarter. But aft. a week's despair unexpected. I find solution of
Farmer's puzzle. Such is the spelling in the Prob. Rec. X. 264, of the
will of 12 Mar. 1684, with codic. 1 Dec. 1687, pro. 23 Mar. foll. bef.
Walter Barefoot, whereof the excors. refus. admin. was giv. to the wid.
5 Apr. next, by Sir Edmund Andros, and I kn. from Infallib. marks that
the testator was Wingate, first ancest. of a much disting. fam.

    WINDOW, RICHARD, Gloucester 1648, selectman in 1654, had d.
Ann by w. Elinor, wh. d. 16 May 1658, and he m. 30 Mar. 1659,
Bridget, wid. of Henry Travers, made his will 2 May 1665, and d. 5
June foll. and in Col. Rec. IV. pt. 2, p. 304, the wid. and her s. obtain.
relief, so far at least, as to be told by the Gen. Ct. that Essex Ct. might
act. In his will are ment. d. Ann, Elizabeth Bennet, call. d.-in-law, and
Sarah Davis. His wid. wh. had childr. by former h. d. Oct. 1673; but
the settlem. of her est. next mo. leaves me in doubt, as did his ,as to
some relationships of either.

Watertown, freem. 6 May 1635, sold his lds. in 1642 and 4, and rem. to
Southold, L. I. the Conn. jurisdict. adm. him as freem. 1662, and
Barnabas, jun. prob. his s. in 1664 to the same privilege; but nothing
more is kn. of his fam. In the mutations of this name, from variety of
sound prob. it will be seen to have the increm. into Winders; but my
evid. can reach only to Barnabas the first, wh. was rep. 1664. FAINTNOT,
Charlestown 1635, was adm. of the ch. 4 Nov. 1643, as few mos.
later was Bridget, prob. his w. freem. 29 Mary 1644, of wh. no ch. is
ment. nor can any more be learn. but that he d. 25 Feb. 1665.

    WING, ANANIAS, Sandwich, s. of the sec. John, by w. Hannah had
nine ch. whose names I have not seen, and he d. 3 Aug. 1718. His
wid. d. 9 Dec. 1730. DANIEL, Sandwich 1643, s. of John, b. in Eng.
m. 5 Nov. 1642, Ann or Hannah, d. of the first William Swift, had
eleven ch. Samuel and John, nam. in the will, 12 Oct. 1662, of Swift's
wid. beside ds. of who. was prob. Deborah, b. 10 Oct. 1648, and d. in 1659.
See Geneal. Reg. V. 387 with VI. 96. Besides Deboroah's exact date of
b. I have gained those of the other ch. Hannah, 28 July 1642; Lydia, 23
May 1647; Ephraim, or Daniel, 1649; Samuel, 20 or 28 Aug. 1652;