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Volume 4, Page 494

Court for trial of Charles I. and next as one of the major-gen. to
wh. the country in milit. destricts. twelve innumb. like the tribes of
Israel, was made subject, as if martial law could forever be contin. Of
that power, aft. short trial, tho. he was a relative of the great Protector,
Cromwell's iron will was compel. to strip him, so odious had the tyranny
grown. He fled from Eng. on the restorat. and with his s.-in-law, William
Goffe, reach. Boston July 1660. In the foll. spring they resort. to
New Haven, and thro. various suffer. found hiding at last in the shelter
of Rev. John Russel's ho. at H. where d. in few yrs. and there was
bur. The stone wh. was fondly suppos. from the initial letters E. W. to
have been errected over his remains at New Haven, belong. no doubt, to
the resting-place of Edward Wigglesworth, and bore date 1653, wh.
was clumsi. attempt. to be alter. to 1673, or 8, as this might have been
the yr. of Whalley�s death. See Goffe.

    WHARFF, NATHANIEL, Casco, 1658, m. Rebecca, d. of Arthur Macworth,
and d. 1673, says Willis, in Main Hist. Coll. I. 65, 135. Inv.
of �193. 18s. 6d. was render. 23 June. NATHANIEL, Gloucester 1683,
s. of the preced. m. 30 Jan. 1684, Ann, d. of Thomas Riggs, had Nathaniel,
b. 1685; Rebecca, 1686; Mary, 1687; Charity, 1688, d. soon; Thomas, 1689;
Mary and Experience, tw. 1690; Hannah, 1691; Arthur, 1694; John, 1696;
Patience, 1697, d. soon; Abraham, 1699, d. young; and Lydia, 1701; and his
w. d. 17 Dec. of the same yr. He was liv. 1734.

    WHARTON, EDWARD, Salem 1655, call. a glazier, began to suffer
1658 as a Quaker, and in 1661 assist. in bur. the corpse of William
Leddra, one of their martyrs, execut. at Boston, 14 Mar. as he had
been whip. a year and a half bef. for his expression a. the hanging of
the youths, Robinson and Stephenson, and in an intermed. time, a. 1660
whip. for pilot. some from Lynn to Salem. Similar treatm. for some
yrs. later fail to enlighten him, yet he did not rem. from S. there d. 3
Mar. 1678. PHILIP, Boston 1656, by w. Mary had Rebecca, b. 5 May
1660, was displeas. with his w. for wh. he found no redress, and went
away eight yrs. later, yet by order of Ct. his w. should have food and
clothing. See Rec. IV. pt. II. 382; and in our Reg. of deeds it will be
seen, Vol. VI. 134, that his lds. were charg. for the supply. RICHARD,
Boston 1661, a very active gent. largely concern. in purch. of lds. as
in 1683, the Pegypscot, of 500,000 acres, at the E. and engag. in public
good, m. a. 1659, Bethia, d. of William Tyng, and next, 1672, Sarah, d.
of Rev. John Higginson of Salem, and had two ds. Sarah had Bethia.
Felt, in Geneal. Reg. IX. 339, calls him a lawyer, but perhaps he was
only atty, for partic. individ. not a men. of the profess. Under appointm.
as one of the Counc. of Sir Edmund Andros, he thwart. some of his
oppress. designs, and went home with others in July 1687 to complain
against his measures, and d. in London a. 1690. He left much embarrass.
est. and his ds. kept a small shop in Boston. Sarah m. John
Cotta, in B. See Higginson Letters in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 198-
205. RICHARD, Boston, m. Martha, d. of the sec. Go. John Winthrop had