Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p371


Volume 4, Page 371

28 Mar. 1647; Hillard, Apr. bapt. 27 May 1649; Dorcas, bapt. 1 Mar.
1652; Sarah, 23 Apr. 1654; Abigail, 21 Oct. 1655; but sev. of these
(how many may be hard to ascert.) were prob. ch. of his w. Dorcas.
He was ens. 1664, and clk. or reg. of probate. collector of the port,
1679, d. 20 Dec. 1683. Dorcas m. 21 Feb. 1672, Timothy Hicks,
and d. Jan. foll.; Sarah m. 9 Dec. 1673, Deliverance Parkman;
Abigail m. 25 Nov. 1678, Benjamin Marston. HILLIARD, Salem,
s. of the preced. m. 4 May 1670, Hannah, d. of Walter Price of the
same, perhaps had ch. was a merch. and d. at Barbadoes a. 1680. JOHN,
Boston, m. 12 June 1660, Mary, d. of James Wiseman, had John, b. 11
July 1661; Thomas, 15 Oct. 1663; James, 14 Mar. 1665; Mercy, 8
Jan. 1668; Joseph, 12 Mar. 1669; Benjamin, 19 Aug. 1673; and
Mary, 20 May 1683; and by w. Penelope, as it seems to me, the same
man had Mehitable, 25 Feb. 1687. Yet a hesitat. arises, bec. the rec.
of Maine shows, that one John Vering is among those wh. on the W.
side of Kennebec riv. sw. alleg. to Charles II. 8 Sept. 1665. JOSHUA,
Salem, came in the James from Southampton, call. in the clearance, a
roper of Salisbury, Co. Wilts, was a favorer of Roger Williams, went to
Providence 1637, and his w. made some trouble there, came back, and
in few yrs. he foll. her. JOSHUA, Salem, s. of Philip, m. and prob. had
a fam. Yet no ch. is ment. in his will of 15 May 1695, pro. Dec. foll.
wh. however gives pt. of his prop. to childr. of his cous. Lindall, and pt.
to childr. of cous. Mary Williams, wid. of Samuel. He d. at Barbadoes.
NATHANIEL, Salem, b. in Eng. br. of the preced. bapt. 6 Apr. 1623, by
w. Mary had Mary, b. 1648, and prob. others, bef. of aft. or both. Mary
m. 7 or 27 Feb. 1673, Timothy Lindall. PHILIP, Salem, br. prob. of
the first Joshua, came 1635, arr. at Boston, in the James from Southampton,
in the ship's clearance call. "a roper," late of New Sarum, or
the city of Salisbury, as in mod. times we designate it, bring. w. Dorcas,
and ch. perhaps all b. in Eng. Philip, Nathaniel, Hilliard, and Joshua,
yet possib. one or more were b. here, for he had sec. w. Jane, wh. join.
the ch. 1640; was freem. 2 Sept. 1635, but twenty yrs. later was
imprison. as a Quaker. PHILIP, Salem, eldest s. of the preced. b. in
Eng. bapt. Mar. 1619, her adm. of the ch. 3 Jan. 1641; was freem. 2
June foll.; by w. Joanna, wh d. 30 Aug. 1664, had Bethia, bapt. 14
Nov. 1641; Dorcas, 16 Apr. 1643; Philip, 23 Mar. 1645; Hannah;
Adoniram; Mary, b. 20 Aug. 1659, d. under 3 yrs.; and Deliverance,
11 Nov. 1661, d. same yr. He was a wheelwright.

    VEREMAES or VERMAYES, BENJAMIN, Boston, s. prob. of the wid.
Alice V. of Salem, freem. 18 May, but he belong. to Salem ch. m.
by Yarmouth rec. 15 June, but by other rec. 21 Dec. 1648, Mercy, eldest
d. of Gov. William Bradford, and rem. to Plymouth. MARK, Salem
1638, adm. of the ch. 22 Sept. 1639, freem. 13 May foll. when the name