Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p407


Volume 1, Page 407

1671; and d. 9 Jan. 1702. Hannah m. 24 Sept. 1677, Thomas Hensher of
W.; Miriam m. 13 Dec. 1683, Thomas Fosket of Charlestown; and Joanna m.
a Keyes. MOSES, Woburn, eldest s. of the preced. m. 4 Oct. 1676, Ruth
Norton, had Ann, b. 7 Nov. 1677; and Joseph, 31 Mar. 1686. SAMUEL,
Canterbury, br. of the preced. m. 17 May 16, 1680, Jane, d. of Solomon
Keyes of Chelmsford, wh. d. 4 Nov. 1681. He m. 23 May foll. Persis,
d. of Richard Hildreth, wh. d. 22 Feb. 1698; and he prob. d. 1736.
His ch. b. at Chelmsford were Persis, 21 Apr. 1683; Samuel, 12 Jan.
1685; and Joseph, 18 July 1689; but after his rem. to Canterbury
in 1693, he had Mary, 14 June 1696; and by a third w. m. 25 July
1699, wid. Margaret Fish, he had Abigail, 23 Apr. 1700; and Timothy,
Aug. 1702. it is suppos. that all of this name, sometimes writ. Cleveland,
derive from Moses the first; and in 1834 seven had been gr. at
Yale, five at Harv. and eleven at other N. E. coll. beside the honora.
M. D. to eight more.

m. 10 Mar. 1683, Hannah Gove, prob. d. of Edward of Hampton, had
Edmund, b. 3 Mar. 1684, rem. to Hampton, and there, Coffin says, had
seven more. Perhaps he was s. of the first Robert of Haverhill, and
took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677. AUSTIN or AUGUSTINE, Dorchester, a
painter, came from Southampton in the James of London, Apr. 1635,
but may have been on this side of the water in 1632; yet greater is the
prob. that he went home in 1636, and came again in May 1637, by the
Mary Ann of Yarmouth, tho. against either conject. strong suggest. arise.
by w. Elizabeth he had Elizabeth prob. b. in Eng. certain. the eldest ch.; Samuel,
b. 29 Sept. 1635; Joanna, 19 Nov.1638, d. soon; John, 21 Oct.
1639, wh. prob. d. young; and was freem. 25 May 1636, rem. to Boston
1652, but after some yrs. went back to D. there d. 1 Oct. 1674. He
had good est. and in his will of 30 Jan. 1672 ment. w. Elizabeth s. Samuel,
and d. Elizabeth w. of the sec. William Sumner, with her seven ch. DANIEL,
Haverhill, s. of Robert, sw. alleg. Nov. 1677. JAMES, Marshfield, m. 28
Dec. 1674, Martha Deane, whose mo. was a wid. that came in the Planter 1635;
but his parentage is unkn. and he d. in few weeks after m. His wid. m. next yr.
James Powell, and wh. he was, I ask in vain. JASPER, Middletown 1660,
had a w. in Eng. but desir. one here, d. 1677, leav. w. but no ch. JOB,
Haverhill 1646, eldest s. of Robert, b. in Eng. a tanner, was freem.
1647, m. 25 Dec. 1644, Margaret Dummer, wh. must have been a d. of
one of the three brs. Richard, Stephen, or Thomas, rem. to Dover, there
serv. 1655 on gr. jury, had sec. w. Lydia, and took for the third, 16
July 1673, Joanna, wid. of Thomas Leighton, was made couns. of the
Prov. 1683, and d. 1683. His wid. d. 15 Jan. 1704. Of ch. only Job
is ment. wh. liv. to 1717, but wh. of the three ws. was his mo. I do not