Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p225


Volume 1, Page 225

Blackleach of Cambridge, and had 2d h. a March. He d. 26 Jan. 1682, in
his will of 21 Oct. 1679, nam. s. Francis, Nathaniel, d. Dorcas March,
and her ch. Nathaniel, and Benjamin, and gr.d. Hannah Turner, prob.
a. of 2d Joanna. NATHANIEL, Wethersfield 1668, prob. c. of the
preced. an important man, in 1669 m. Rebecca, d. of Rev. Henry Smith,
wh. had been divorc. from her h. lieut. Samuel Smith of New London
for desert. d. Jan. 1707, without ch. Twelve of this name are in the
Catal. of H. C. gr. Perhaps some Boreman has assum. it.

    BOWSTREETE, WILLIAM, Concord, freem. 22 May 1639, d. or was bur.
31 Oct. 1642. His will, made 8 days bef. names his sis. Elizabeth Newman,
to her an ch. giv. all his est. It is abstr. in Geneal. Reg. II. 385.

    BOYDEN, THOMAS, Watertown, came in the Francis from Ipswich,
1634, aged 21, next yr. was of Scituate, serv. of William Gilson, join.
their ch. 17 May, freem. 1647, by w. Frances had Thomas, b. 26, Sept.
1639; Mary, 15 Oct. 1641; Rebecca, 1 Nov. 1643; and Nathaniel,
1650; rem. to Boston 1651, had Jonathan there, b. 20 Feb. 1652; and
Sarah, 12 Oct. 1654. His w. Frances d. 17 Mar. 1658, and he m. 3
Nov. foll. wid. Hannah Morse, and rem. in few yrs. to Medfield. THOMAS,
Groton, s. of the preced. m. Martha, d. of Richard Holden, had
afterwards rem. to Woburn; but return. to G. and d. 15 Nov. 1719.
But the rec. of Woburn has "by their mo.'s req. because of their rem.
to and of. in the Ind. war," Martha, 14 June 1667; Elizabeth 24 May 1670;
John, 29 Nov. 1672; Jonathan, 27 Sept. 1675; and Joseph, 24 Apr.
1678. He liv. some yrs. at Charlestown, where was b. his s. Benjamin,
29 May 1683, and his w. d. 18 Mar. 1687.

    BOYEN, HENRY, Boston, m. 17 Oct. 1656, Frances, d. of Arthur Gill.

    BOYES, BOYS, BOYCE or BOIES, ANTIPAS, Boston 1659, merch.
engag. in 1661 on great purch. of ld. at Dover, with Valentine Hill,
whose d. Hannah he had m. 24 Jan. 1660, had Antipas, and d. July or
Aug. 1669. His will 3 July of that yr. was pro. 18 Aug. and after giv.
est. to s. he says, if uncle Richard Rose wishes, he may bring him up
and rec. the prop. The s. went, I think. to Eng. JOHN, Rowley, a.
1661; was, perhaps, s. of Matthew of the same. JOSEPH, Salem 1639,
freem. 18 May 1642, had Esther, bapt. 21 Feb. 1641; Elizabeth 6 Mar.
1642; Joseph, 31 Mar. 1644; and Benjamin, 16 May 1647. JOSEPH,
Salem, prob. s. of the preced. m. 4 Feb. 1668, Sarah Meacham,
perhaps d. of Jeremiah, had Sarah, b. 4 Dec. foll. MATTHEW, Roxbury,
freem. 22 May 1639, rem. to Rowley, was rep. 1641, 3, 5 and 50.
He went home, as I find, by letters from Eng. Apr. 1657, he was then
liv. near Leeds, in Yorksh. still liv. in Feb. 1677, hav. tak. sec. w.
in his old age, only two yrs bef. He prob. had a fam. here, but after
his ret. home, prob. his s. Joseph, a divine of some distinct. was b. at
Leeds. See Geneal. Reg. XII. 65. RICHARD, New Hampsh. d. as
early as 1677. SAMUEL, Saybrook, m. 3 Feb. 1688, Lydia, d. of