Template:Buckinghamshire unions of parishes/doc


This template creates a table of the Unions of Parishes that a Buckinghamshire parish was part of. To use this template, you would include something like the following on the page:

{{Buckinghamshire unions of parishes | Parish = Hughenden Parish | Hun = Desborough | PLU = Wycombe | RSL = Wycombe RSD | URD = Wycombe Rural | MD = Wycombe District}}

This would produce:

Buckingham Unions of Parishes for Hughenden Parish
Hundred County Division from about 1400 Desborough
Poor Law Union 1837-1930 Wycombe
Rural Sanitary District 1875-1894 Wycombe RSD
Urban/Rural Distrct 1894-1975 Wycombe Rural
Modern District 1974-present Wycombe District

For an explanation of hundreds, see GENUKI. For an explanation of the other terms, see Wikipedia