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Janie - congratulations you were successful in creating your Shared Research Page
  • The data on this page would be better served being on a Source Page, with a link here to the source page
  • To create a source page go to the Add link in the blue bar at the top of the Jackson in Tennessee page
    • Select "Source"
    • Enter a title in the "Title" box and click "Add Page"
      • Title suggestion: Burgner, Goldine Fillers. Carter County Tennessee Marriage Records 1796-1870
    • In the boxes at the left enter the author's name, the publication information and date.
  • Go back to your Jackson in Tennessee page and make sure you are in the editing mode - look up at the top of the screen under the blue bar and see if there is a link Edit. If so, click it - If not you are already in the edit mode.
  • Once you are in the edit screen, go to the Edit box - it is the one with the
above it.
  • Place your cursor anywhere on the page and right click your mouse and select "Select All" - this should highlight all the text on the screen.
  • Next, right click anywhere on the highlighted text and select "Copy"
  • Now go back to your new source page and get to the edit box
    • Place your cursor anywhere in the text box and right click and select "Paste" - this should place the text in the Edit Box.
  • Once you have the Source Page completed, go to the bottom of your page and click on "Preview Page" to see what your page will look like.
  • When you are satisfied, click on "Save Page" at the bottom of the page to save your work.
  • Make note of the Exact title of the Source page - you will need it in a minute
  • Go back to your Jackson in Tennessee page
    • First, right click on the page and select "Select All" again
    • Next, right click on the highlighted text and select "Delete" - this will remove the text from the edit box
    • Now we must add a link to the Source page you just created
    • First create a section for Carter County
      • At the top of the Edit page, type the following: ==Carter County==
      • On the next line type :[[Source:Burgner, Goldine Fillers. Carter County Tennessee Marriage Records 1796-1870|Carter County Tennessee Marriage Records 1976-1870]]
        • This will place a link on your page that will lead to your new source page
  • You can also use the new source you created in your Person and Family pages
If you have any problems - let me know and I will be glad to help you. I do understand about being overwhelmed!! I was there and although I am no expert I do feel more comfortable these days. --Walt 17:29, 17 February 2008 (EST)
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