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Where do you find these?

Hi Harold, These are interesting stories. Where do you get the information to write them?--Debbie V.

Thanks, Debbie! It varies a lot. Since Aleck is my grandfather, some was from his personal papers, but the part about the Eggleston wreck was from Chicago newspapers of that day (they described train wrecks in all the detail we get airplane disasters today, maybe more). Other stories, like Thomas Gunn, are so far back that it's just research (his story usually is chopped up between people focused on Dorchester, or on Windsor, or on Westfield). These are stories I put together a few years ago on my own website, but I'm migrating them here 'cause I'm tired of fighting the spam, and a wiki is a friendlier environment anyhow. ... Hang on, I think I have (or should have) one or two from St. Clair County!

P.S. D'oh -- the obvious answer is that in most cases the sources are at my worldconnect site,

--Hh219 18:27, 2 June 2007 (MDT)