Cole family crest. Motto translated, "Worship God, obey the King." [1]



The name Cole is derived from...[2]

  1. English: from a Middle English pet form of Nicholas.
  2. English: from a Middle English personal name derived from the Old English byname Cola (from col ‘(char)coal’, presumably denoting someone of swarthy appearance), or the Old Norse cognate Koli.
  3. Scottish and Irish: when not of English origin, this is a reduced and altered form of McCool.
  4. In some cases, particularly in New England, Cole is a translation of the French surname Charbonneau.
  5. Probably an Americanized spelling of German Kohl.


  1. An Irish family by the name of Cole was established in Fermanagh by Sir William Cole (1576–1653). He was the first Provost of Enniskillen, and his descendants became earls of Enniskillen. The family is thought to have originated in Devon or Cornwall.< Cole</ref>


There are 160,326 people with the last name "Cole" in the United States, ranking it the 107th most common name in the country.[3]

Image:Cole Name Dist-US.gif
Distribution of Cole surnames across the US[4]

U.S. states with the most people named "Cole":[5]

  1. California (11,320)
  2. Texas (11,104)
  3. Florida (8,679)
  4. Michigan (8,196)
  5. Ohio (7,572)

Most Common First Names for Cole in the U.S.:[6]

  1. James
  2. Robert
  3. David
  4. John
  5. Michael
  6. Mary
  7. William
  8. Richard
  9. Charles
  10. Linda

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