Place:Escondico, San Diego, California, United States

Typeinhabited place
Located inSan Diego, California, United States

Escondico, San Diego, California, United States

Escondido (pronounced /ˌɛskənˈdiːdoʊ/ "eskun-DEE-doe") is a city located in northern San Diego County, California just north of the city of San Diego. The name means "hidden" in Spanish—it occupies a shallow valley ringed by rocky hills. Founded in 1888, it is one of the oldest cities in San Diego County. The city has a mild climate, a diverse economy and an estimated population of 128,819[1]. The city is known as 'Eskondiid in Diegueño[2].

  • The City of Escondido, California - Official Web Site[2]
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