Person:William Scott (91)

William Kerr Scott
Facts and Events
Name William Kerr Scott
Gender Male
Birth? 17 APR 1896 Alamance County, North Carolina
Marriage 2 JUL 1919 to Mary Elizabeth White
Census? 1920 Melville/Mebane, Alamance County, North Carolina
Death? 16 APR 1958 Alamance County, North Carolina
Burial[1] Hawfields Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Vital Records

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See all vital records for William Kerr Scott William Kerr SCOTT (1896-1958) -- also known as W. Kerr Scott; "The Squire of Haw River" -- of Haw River, Alamance County, N.C. Father of Robert Walter Scott. Born in Alamance County, N.C., April 17, 1896. Democrat. Served in the U.S. Army during World War I; farmer; Governor of North Carolina, 1949-53; U.S. Senator from North Carolina, 1954-58; died in office 1958. Member, Grange. Died April 16, 1958. Interment at Hawfields Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

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