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William McCue, M.D.
d.7 Nov 1818
m. BET 1781 AND 1782
  1. James Andrew McCue1783 - 1853
  2. Mary "Polly" McCue1785 - 1853
  3. William McCue, M.D.1787 - 1818
  4. Cyrus McCue1789 - 1813
  5. Squire John McCue1793 - 1862
  6. Col. Franklin McCue1795 - 1874
  7. Washington McCue1797 - 1798
  8. Eliza "Betsy" McCue1798 - 1819
  9. Margaret "Peggy" McCue1802 - 1880
  10. Nancy McCue1804 - 1856
  11. Sallie McCue1808 - 1885
m. 20 APR 1813
Facts and Events
Name[1] William McCue, M.D.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 14 Jul 1787 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Marriage 20 APR 1813 Augusta County, Virginiato Ann Isabella 'Agnes' Barry
Death[1] 7 Nov 1818 age 31 - of fever
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    p 22, 23 -
    ... (22) ii William McCue, M.D., b 14, July 1787, Augusta county, Va., d 7, Nov. 1818 of fever ; m Ann Isabella Barry, dau of Thos. Barry (brother of Andrew Barry, above) and Ann Isabella Smith of New Kent county, Md. Ann Barry, b 22, Jan. 1797, Staunton, Va., d 28, Nov. 1876. After Dr. McCue 's death Mrs. McCue married John Allen (son of Jas. Allen and Elizabeth Tate). Wm. MeCue was educated at Washington Academy, and from Historical Papers, of Washington and Lee University, (No. 4. 1893) the following is taken: "William McCue was born in Augusta county, Virginia, on the 14th day of January, 1787. He was the son of the Rev. John McCue, upon whom the degree of A. B. was conferred by Liberty Hall Academy in 1785, and who was long pastor of the Tinkling Spring Church. Mr. McCue entered Washington Academy, as the institution was then known, and finished his course in 1807. He then took a course of medicine in one of the Colleges of Philadelphia. Upon receiving his degree he settled in Lexington and occupied the lot where the Presbyterian church now stands. He at once took a high stand in his profession and enjoyed a large lucrative practice.

    "He was elected a Trustee of Washington College on the 8th of November, 1815, and at once became an active and efficient memeber of the Board. He married Miss Ann Isabel Barry, like himself of Scotch-Irish descent, who survived him more than half a century. She married John Allen, who removed to Michigan, and founded the city of Ann Arbor, calling it in honor of his wife.

    Dr. William McCue died in Lexington on the 18th day of November, 1818.— W. McL."

    There seems to be a slight error in the above, as it is found that Ann Isabella McCue married second, Capt. James Allen (of the War of 1812), from this union was born a daughter, Sarah, who married Dr. Addison Waddell. And a descendant of Dr. McCue states that he graduated in Medicine in Baltimore, Md. ...