Person:William Kerr (106)

William Kerr
b.27 NOV 1751
m. before 1740
  1. Isabella KerrAbt 1740 - 1816
  2. Martha Ann Kerr1743 - 1841
  3. Andrew Kerr1744 - 1792
  4. James Kerr1745 - 1816
  5. Thomas Kerr1747 -
  6. William Kerr1751 - 1829
m. 28 OCT 1779
  1. Gilbreath Franklin KerrAFT 1779 -
  2. Andrew Kerr1781 - 1781
  3. Gilbert Falls Kerr1782 - 1791
  4. William Smith Kerr1784 - 1869
  5. Andrew Kerr1786 - 1878
  6. James Kerr1791 - 1873
  7. Elizabeth Kerr1791 - 1795
  8. Richard Alexander Kerr1793 - 1795
  9. Thomas Allison "Tanyard Tommie" Kerr1795 - 1877
  10. Rosanna Miatilda Kerr1797 - 1858
  11. Ann Kerr1799 - 1819
  12. Gilbert Franklin Kerr1802 - 1882
Facts and Events
Name William Kerr
Gender Male
Alt Birth[1] 1751
Birth? 27 NOV 1751
Marriage 28 OCT 1779 Rowan County, North Carolinato Rosannah Neill
Alt Death[1] 1829
Death? 14 AUG 1829 Rowan County, North Carolina
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From the Schneider records: William Falls received pension for his service in the Revoluntionary War. Application for pension made November Session, 1832 Iredell County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions November 21 1832 his age 69. [He would be 79 if born in 1753 my note] File S6834 National Archives. In which it was stated "He was born in the State of Pennsylvania in Chester County of the 9th day of August 1753 [in 1780 at Battle of Ramseur's Mill , he would be 27 and not a teenager as some of the family legend says. Mistakes can be made in primary sources also, I guess--either the Bible or his memory?] as it is recorded in his father's Bible which is in his possession at home. He was but a few weeks old when his father removed from the State of Pennsylvania to the State of North Carolina, Rowan County (now Iredell) where he has lived ever since. [ I guess there may be a family Bible still with some member of the descendents but who knows? William's war records and will the only primary I've come across-- lots of primary records if made were lost in fires. ] His will is recorded in Iredell County, NC. Will Book II, page 167, dated 1832.

Roseannah3 NEILL (Andrew2, William1) was born 1761. Roseannah died 1841 at age 80.

She married William KERR 1779 in North Carolina. William was born 1751. William died 1829 at age 78.

Roseannah NEILL and William KERR had the following children:

+ 126 i. Rosannah Matilda4 KERR (living status unknown). 
127 ii. Andrew KERR was born 1781. Andrew died 1781 at age unknown. 
128 iii. William Smith KERR was born 1781. William died 1869 at age 88. 
129 iv. Gilbert Falls KERR was born 1782. Gilbert died 1791 at age 9. 
130 v. Andrew KERR was born 1786. Andrew died 1878 at age 92. 
131 vi. James KERR was born 1791. James died 1873 at age 82. 
132 vii. Elizabeth KERR was born 1791. Elizabeth died 1795 at age 4. 
133 viii. Richard Alexander KERR was born 1793. Richard died 1795 at age 2. 
134 ix. Thomas Allison KERR was born 1795. Thomas died 1877 in Tennessee, at age 82. 
135 x. Ann KERR. 
136 xi. Gilbert KERR was born 1802. Gilbert died 1882 at age 80.

Kerr, William James [aka: William /Kerr/, Jr., , Jr.] b. 27 NOV 1751 d. 14 AUG 1829 Rowan County, North Carolina Gender: Male Parents: Father: Kerr, William James Mother: Smith, Rosannah Jane

Family: Marriage: 28 OCT 1779 Rowan County, North Carolina Spouse: Neill, Rosannah b. 12 MAY 1761 Rowan County, North Carolina d. 13 MAR 1841 Rowan County, North Carolina Gender: Female Parents: Father: Neill, Andrew Mother: ???, ???

Children: Kerr, Andrew b. 11 FEB 1781 Rowan County, North Carolina d. 18 APR 1781 Rowan County, North Carolina Gender: Male Kerr, Gilbreath Falls b. 30 JUN 1782 Rowan County, North Carolina d. 9 SEP 1791 Rowan County, North Carolina Gender: Male Kerr, William Smith Kerr, Andrew Kerr, James Kerr, Elizabeth b. 12 MAY 1791 Rowan County, North Carolina d. 5 JUN 1795 Rowan County, North Carolina Gender: Female Kerr, Richard Alexander b. 10 DEC 1793 Rowan County, North Carolina d. 30 MAY 1795 Rowan County, North Carolina Gender: Male Kerr, Thomas "Tanyard Tommie" Allison Kerr, Rosannah Matilda Kerr, Ann b. 15 DEC 1799 d. 29 MAY 1819 Gender: Female Kerr, ??? Kerr, Gilbert Franklin

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