Person:Walter Ralphs (1)

Walter Benjamin Ralphs, Supermarket Co-Founder
m. 7 April 1844
  1. Martha A. Ralphs1848 -
  2. George Albert Ralphs, Supermarket Founder1850 - 1914
  3. John Charles Ralphs1852 - 1931
  4. Walter Benjamin Ralphs, Supermarket Co-Founder1854 - 1954
  5. Mary Ralphs1856 - 1925
  6. Oscar Newell Ralphs1859 -
  7. William D. Ralphs1862 - 1886
  8. Priscilla Ralphs1865 -
  • HWalter Benjamin Ralphs, Supermarket Co-Founder1854 - 1954
  • WMargaret J. Unknownabt 1864 - 1937
m. 18 April 1885
  1. Walter William Ralphs, Sr.1884 - 1971
  2. Elmer Ralphs1886 - 1930
  3. Hazel J. Ralphs1889 - 1940
Facts and Events
Name Walter Benjamin Ralphs, Supermarket Co-Founder
Gender Male
Birth[1] 23 October 1854 San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California
Marriage 18 April 1885 to Margaret J. Unknown
Death[1] 20 May 1954 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
Vital Records

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About Walter Ralphs

Supermarket chain executive. Walter B. Ralphs went into business with his older brother, George A. Ralphs, forming Ralphs Brothers Grocers in downtown Los Angeles in 1875.
Prior to entering the grocery business, Walter Ralphs operated a ranch in San Bernardino County, California. After Walter's brother, George A. Ralphs died in 1914, Walter Ralphs, his two sons, and George Ralphs' son Albert Ralphs, ran the business. When Walter Ralphs died in 1954, five months months short of his 100th birthday, Ralphs Grocery Company then operated 32 supermarkets in Southern California. Today, Ralphs (now a division of Kroger) has more than 250 supermarkets, primarily in the Southern California area.
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    1860 U.S. Census Population Schedule
    Name: Walter B Ralph
    Age in 1860: 5
    Birth Year: abt 1855
    Birthplace: California
    Home in 1860: San Salvador, San Bernardino, California
    Gender: Male
    Post Office: San Bernardino
    Household Members: Name Age
    Richd Ralph 48
    Mary Ralph 40
    Martha A Ralph 12
    George A Ralph 10
    John C Ralph 8
    Walter B Ralph 5
    Mary Ralph 4
    Oscar N Ralph 10/12
    Eliza Ralph 20