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Tame Doe
Duplicate parents - compare
m. 1706
  1. Eliza Raven
  2. Betsy Raven
  3. Attakullakulla Raven1708 - 1778
  4. Chief Oconostota Moytoy1710 - 1783
  5. Killaneca Raven1712 -
  6. Killaque Raven1714 - 1757
  7. Tame Doe1716 - 1760
Duplicate parents - compare
  1. Tame Doeabout 1712 - about 1760
  2. Oo-lou-sta1720 - 1783
m. 1728
  1. Nancy Full Clan1728 - 1750
  2. Longfellow Fivekiller1736 - 1836
  3. Nanye'hi Fivekiller1736 - 1822
Facts and Events
Name Tame Doe
Birth Name Ca-Ti Raven
Gender Female
Birth? 1716 Shawnee Nation
Marriage 1728 Cherokee Nationto Skayagustuegwo Fivekiller
Death? 1760 Cherokee NationWashington County, Tennessee
  1.   Nancy Ward, in Wikipedia, Questionable quality.

    "Nancy Ward was born in the Cherokee town of Chota, a member of the Wolf Clan. Her mother, whose actual name is not known, is often called Tame Doe, and was a sister of Attakullakulla."

  2.   Nancy Ward, in Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture, Questionable quality.

    "Nanye-hi's mother was Tame Doe, of the Wolf Clan, a sister of Attakullakulla, civil chief of the Cherokee nation." Article authored by David Ray Smith, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

  3.   Tame Doe, in Ancestors of Tame Doe, Questionable quality.

    Tame Doe
    Born: 1714
    Marriage: Kingfisher Skayagustuegwo in 1728 in Cherokee Nation East
    Buried: Cherokee
    Ancestral File Number: 159

    General Notes:
    Some say she was the granddaughter of Moytoy, that her mother was thesecond daughter of Chief Moytoy.
    He was from the Overhills, 1746-1760. Also called Canacaughte, Canorcortuker, Connecorte, Emperor of Chota, Standing Turkey, and Uku of Chota. He removed the English appointed rulership over the Cherokee nation, and brought all four settlement areas under Chota in 1753-1754. He was Moytoy's brother, and the uncle of Little Carpenter. He died in 1760, and gave his authority to Kittegunsta and Oconostota. His title was known as the 'Fire King.'
    He was from the Valley towns, 1751-1757. Also called Colinna, Corane, King of the Valley, and Raven of Hiwassee. He was very influential with the leaders of the Overhills, and related to Little Carpente, Moytoy, and Old Hop. Several sons mentioned, such as Moytoy, Pigeon, Skiakow, and Skienah. Some records list him as deceased by 1757.

    Tame married Kingfisher Skayagustuegwo in 1728 in Cherokee Nation East. (Kingfisher Skayagustuegwo was born in Cherokee Nation East 1 and died in Cherokee Nation East 1.)

    Marriage Notes:
    The Cherokees did not marry as we think of it today.