Person:Susanna de Swarte (1)

Susanna de Swarte
m. 28 Apr 1813
  1. Susanna de Swarte1823 - 1904
  1. Mary Ketele1850 - 1935
Facts and Events
Name Susanna de Swarte
Gender Female
Birth[1] 9 JAN 1823 Nieuwvliet, Zeeland, Netherlands
Marriage civil
to Hubrecht Ketele
Census[2] 27 Jun 1900 Randolph (town), Columbia, Wisconsin, United States
Death? 31 JAN 1904 Columbia, Wisconsin, United States
Vital Records

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  1. Geboorten, in Nieuwvliet, Zeeland, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, Akte 1, 1823, Primary quality.
  2. Columbia, Wisconsin, United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule, ED 24 sheet 10A, 27 Jun 1900, Primary quality.
      Name    Relation    Sex    Date of
      Age    Place of
      Year of
    George TillemaheadMJuly 183565Holland1883
    Mary D TillemawifeFAug 185149Wisconsin 
    Don TillemasonMDec 188020Wisconsin 
    Elen TillemadaughterFSept 188911Wisconsin 
    Jane TillemadaughterFFeb 18937Wisconsin 
    John SmedemaservantMJuly 187723Holland1895
    Hubert Ketellefather-in-lawMNov 181684Holland1848
    Susanna Ketellemother-in-lawFJan 182377Holland1848