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Susanna A Waters
m. 1630s
  1. Phebe Waters1629 - 1674
  2. James Waters1638 - 1704
  3. Daughter Waters1640 -
  4. John Waters1640 - bef 1708
  5. Elizabeth Waters1642 - 1662
  6. Abigail Waters1645 -
  7. Mary Waters1646 - 1677
  8. Ezekiel Waters1647 - 1721
  9. Susanna A Waters1649 - 1726
  10. Hannah Waters1652 - 1747
  11. William Waters1655 - 1676
  12. Martha Waters1659 - 1754
  13. Sarah Waters1667 - 1700
m. FEB 1674
  1. Benedict Benedictus Pulsifer1662 - 1690
  2. John Pulsifer1667 - 1737
  3. Elizabeth Pulsifer1669 - 1755
  4. William Pulsifer1671 -
  5. Richard Pulsifer1675 - 1728
  6. William Henry Pulsipher1676 - 1771
  7. Susannah Pulsipher1678 - 1689
  8. Joseph Pulsipher1680 - 1711
  9. Benjamin Pulsipher1683 -
  10. David Pulsipher1685 - 1775
  11. Jonathan Pulsifer1687 - 1763
  12. Johanna Pulsipher1687 -
  13. Susanna PulsipherABT 1689 -
  14. Elizabeth Pulsipher1689 - 1784
  15. Joanna Pulsifer1691 - 1766
  16. Margaret Pulsipher1693 - 1788
Facts and Events
Name[1] Susanna A Waters
Alt Name[2] Susannah Waters
Alt Name Susanna A. Waters
Gender Female
Alt Birth? 01 FEB 1648 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Birth? 01 FEB 1649 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Christening? 1 FEB 1649 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, American Colonies
Alt Birth? 1 FEB 1649 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, American Colonies
Marriage FEB 1674 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, USAto Benedict Pulsifer
Alt Marriage 1 FEB 1674 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, American Coloniesto Benedict Pulsifer
Death[3] 21 DEC 1726 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

The following note is taken from the web page at: -0001. html

A quaint Ipswich law punished "commoners" for overstepping the bounds of propriety by daring to wear fine garments which were beyond their proper rank in life. As early as 1651, the General court of Ipswich had expressed its "griefe...that intollerable excesse and bravery hath crept in upon us and especially amongst people of mean condition, to the dishonor of God, the scandal of its professors, the consumption of estates and altogether unsuitable to our poverty." It was later ordered that no person whose visible estate did not exceed L200, should wear gold or silver lace, or any bone lace above 2s. per yard, or silk hoods or scarfs. Penalty for each such offense was 10 shillings. In the year 1675, Ipswich was in a general state of terror over the string of Indian attacks that became known as King Phillips' War. The Ipswich General Court saw in such attacks evidence of rebukes from God Almighty himself, and promptly issued fresh edicts some of the more flagrant abuses of wearing "finery" and displaying the sin of pride. Susanna, the newly wed wife of Benedict, appeared one Sabbath morning in 1675 meeting house proudly displaying such a silk scarf and hood, along with a number of other wives of the town. Benedict was duly fined for the violation of social decorum. The incident implies that Benedict's estate must have been valued less than L200.

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