Person:Sarah Alden (1)

m. abt 1660
  1. Sarah AldenAbt 1665 - Bef 1713
  2. Isaac AldenAbt 1666 - 1727
  3. Deacon Joseph AldenAbt 1668 - 1747
  4. Mercy AldenAbt 1668 - Aft 1727
  5. Hopestill AldenAbt 1671 - Aft 1753
  6. Elizabeth AldenAbt 1673 - 1705
  7. John AldenAbt 1674/75 - 1730
m. 24 Nov 1685
  1. Joseph Crossman
  2. Lydia Crossman
  3. Mary Crossman
  4. Sarah Crossman
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Alden
Gender Female
Birth[1] Abt 1665 Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesprobably Bridgewater
Marriage 24 Nov 1685 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United Statesto Joseph Crossman
Death[1] Bef 29 Jun 1713 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United Statesprobably Taunton based on land sale
Vital Records

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    Sarah Alden was born probably at Bridgewater, say about 1665 (married 1685); died probably at Taunton, before 29 June 1713 [date Sarah Crossman of Taunton, widow of Joseph Crossman...sold...three parcels of land...(Bristol Co LR, 8:193; recorded 15 February 1713/14)].

    She married at Taunton, 24 November 1685 (VR, 2:16), Joseph Crossman, son of Robert and Sarah (---) Crossman, born at Taunton, 25 April 1659 (VR, 1:110); died before 29 June 1696 (division of father's estate [Bristol Co PR, 1:151])

    Sarah's identification as a daughter of Joseph Alden is based upon circumstantial evidence (MD, 42:125-27). She is probably the Sarah Crossman who witnesssed a deed of her probable brother Joseph Alden on 12 March 1708 (Plymouth Co LR, 9:88).