Person:Samuel Filley (1)

m. 2 Sep 1642
  1. Samuel Filley1643 - 1711/12
  2. Mary Filleyabt 1647 - 1734
  3. Margaret Filley1655 - 1713
  4. Abigail Filley1658 - 1707
  5. Deborah Filley1661 - 1701
  • HSamuel Filley1643 - 1711/12
  • WAnna Gillett1639 - 1711
m. 29 Oct 1663
  1. Anna Filley1664 - 1686
  2. Abigail Filley1668 - BEF 1674
  3. Josiah Filley1675 - 1750
  4. John Filley1677 - bef 1736/37
  5. Mary Filley1683 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel Filley
Gender Male
Birth[2][3] 24 Sep 1643 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Baptism[2][3] 3 Aug 1651 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 29 Oct 1663 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Anna Gillett
Will[4] 12 Dec 1711 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Death[2][3] 4 Jan 1711/12 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Probate[4] 7 Jan 1711/12 Will proved.
Estate Inventory[4] 10 Jan 1711/12 £327-03-02. Taken by John Bissell, James Enno and Joseph Phelps.

The Estate of Samuel Filley of Windsor

"Probate Records. Vol. VIII, 1710 to 1715. Page 120.

Filley, Samuel, Windsor. Invt. £327-03-02. Taken 10 January, 1711-12, by John Bissell, James Enno and Joseph Phelps. Will dated 12 December, 1711.

I, Samuel Filley, of Windsor, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my son Jonathan Filley all my land that adjoins to his land on which his house now standeth, be it 3 acres more or less; also 1 full third part of my lot in the Great Meadow that I bought of Mr. Gardner. To my son Josiah Filley I give half my lott in the 1st Meadow; also 5 acres of land in Filley's swamp, that was brother William Filley's and fell to me by agreement; also, 20 acres of woodland that I bought of brother Josiah Gillett. I give to my son John Filley half my lot in the 1st meadow; also half my lot in the 2nd meadow; also my dwelling house, barn and homestead, with the land adjoining that I bought of Job Drake; and also one full half of my lot at Nowell Swamp, that was George Alexander's; and 1-3 part of my lot in the Great Meadow bought of Mr. Gardner. I give to my granddaughter, Sarah Skinner, £5. I give to my daughter, Abigail Loomis, 1-3 part of my lot in the Great Meadow; also half the lot at Horsford's meadow, that was brother William Filley's; and also half of all my personal estate. I give to my daughter Mary Barber half my lot at second meadow; also 1-2 of all my personal estate. I give to my grandson Samuel Filley, son of Josiah Filley, 1 full half of my lot at Nowell Swamp, that was George Alexander's. I give to Deborah Sackett, that now liveth with me, a cow when she comes to be of age. I appoint my two sons, Jonathan Filley and John Filley, executors.


Witness: John Hoskins, Cornelius Browne, Matthew Allyn.

Court Record, Page 42—7 January, 1711-12: Jonathan Filley and John Filley, of Windsor, exhibited now in Court the last will. Proven and ordered to be kept on file.

Page 75—5 May, 1712: Jonathan Filley, of Windsor, prays for an order of dist. and division of the lands among the heirs of the sd. Samuel Filley. This Court order that the Clerk issue forth a citation to all persons concerned to appear at this Court.

Page 82—3 June, 1712: Whereas, it appears to this Court that there are 2 acres of land belonging to the estate of Samuel Filley which is left out and not disposed of in the last will of Samuel Filley to any of the children or heirs of the decd., this Court now order that the 2 acres of land be dist. and set out to the eldest son. And appoint Col. Matthew Allyn to dist. and set out the sd. estate.

Page 84—7 July, 1712: John Filley, one of the sons of Samuel Filley, moved for an appeal for the setting of the 2 acres of land to his brother Jonathan Filley. But no appeal should be granted.

Page 108 (Vol. X) 7 December, 1715: Samuel Filley, a minor about 19 years of age, chose Josiah Filley of Windsor to be his guardian. Recog., £50."[4]

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