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Samuel C Davis
  1. Samuel C Davis1756 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel C Davis
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1756 Georgia, United States
Military[1] 1776 Rev War - served first in the "mounted gun men" and afterwards as captain of infantry at the siege of Savannah
Residence[2] 1793-1811 now Todd County, Kentucky
Residence[1] aft 1811 Wilkinson County, Mississippi
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    ... About the year 1793 Samuel C Davis emigrated from Georgia and settled in Kentucky. He opened and kept a wayfarers' rest, where he dispensed good cheer to man and his beast. At this early day there were only four places occupied between Hopkinsville and what is now Elkton. Here Mr. Davis continued to reside until about the year 1811, respected and honored by his neighbors for his frugal and open-handed hospitality. The partner of his life by her ever-alert and sympathetic interest succored the needy and afflicted around her, winning her the sobriquet of "Aunt Winnie" through her practice of the works of the good Samaritan. Here Jefferson Davis was born in 1808.

    In this connection it may not be inappropriate to state that Mr. George Tillman lost his wife in 1805. Mrs. Davis took his daughter, Mary, who afterwards became the wife of Fielding Shanklin, to live with her. She died at the age of ninety-four years. "Polly" Tillman was living in the Davis family when Jefferson Davis was born, and was then in her twelfth year. The writer has often heard her recount many incidents of Davis's childhood, of her nursing and caring for him in his infancy. She always spoke of him and called him by the title of "Little Jeff." Having enjoyed the tender care of Mrs. Davis when motherless, there was little chance of mistake in her rearing. ...